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A parasite is any living organism which lives within a host, in this case humans.

Human parasites include: flukes, leeches, lice, mites, protozoa (single cell, the most basic lifeform), ticks and worms.

Bacterial, Fungal and viral infections also meet this criterion.

Medical parasitology, which deals with human parasites, classifies the parasites as ectoparasites or endoparasites i.e. living on the surface of the body, or within the body, respectively.

Common examples of the former include: fleas, lice, mites, ringworm (fungi) and warts (viruses).

The latter group comprises: flukes, hookworms, tapeworms and intestinal flora (some of which are beneficial).

Some health professionals like Dr. Huelda Clark, link specific parasites to certain health conditions, for example:-

HeartwormHeart disease
Pancreatic flukeDiabetes
ShigellaMultiple Sclerosis


Ectoparasites usually inhabit other people, or the living environment and so are simply passed on, or latch-on, to a new host.

Endoparasites can invade via our food, water or the air we breathe.

Signs & Symptoms

Some invasions are beneficial, as with the microflora which maintain balance in our digestive system. We may take some of these as a nutritional supplement e.g. L-acidophilus.

Infestations of some other parasites may be fairly benign e.g. mites. These merely live on our surplus skin cells and are invisible to the naked eye.

Most other parasites are harmful, although we may not be conscious of their presence, deep within our body, for some time. There may develop an unexplained weakness, or constant hunger apparently satisfied by large meals but accompanied by a paradoxical weight loss; abnormal patterns of elimination.

Visible signs can include blood in the fecal matter, or urine. Most surface bites will be visible. Or there can be an intolerable itch, of the scalp (lice) or anus (pinworms).

Nutritional Supplements

Structure & Function:
        Detoxification &
        Intestinal Health

General Supplements

Garlic2 capsules tid
Vitamin B Complex50 mg tid
Vitamin B121,500 mcg
Vitamin C3,000 mg
Zinc50 mg

*Please refer to the respective topic for specific nutrient amounts.

Note: All amounts are in addition to those supplements having a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Due to individual needs, one must always be aware of a possible undetermined effect when taking nutritional supplements. If any disturbances from the use of a particular supplement should occur, stop its use immediately and seek the care of a qualified health care professional.

Dietary Considerations

To those of us with a "sweet tooth" and the logic of Garfield™ a traditional apple pie, with cloves, becomes a staple "healthy food"!

Proper hygiene in the kitchen, as well as attention to cooking and storage temperatures, are essential.

Homeopathic Remedy

Detoxification &
Immune enhancement:Cina artemisia
Lycopodium Clavatum
WormsChenopodium anthelminticum

Treatment Schedule

Over-the-counter homeopathic remedies may be single strength (of fairly weak potency e.g. 6X) or a blend of several weaker strengths (6X, 8X, 10X).

This may comprise a single remedy, or several remedies.

Doses are administered on a 3 times daily (tid), between meals,schedule and continued for 3 days.

Liquid preparations usually use 8-10 drops per dose.

Solid preparations are usually 2 or 3 pellets per dose.

Children use 1/2 dose i.e. 1 pellet.

If there is aggravation of the symptoms, stop taking the remedy and consult a homeopath.


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Herbal Approaches


Black Walnut
Grapefruit Seed Extract

Note: The misdirected use of an herb can produce severely adverse effects, especially in combination with prescription drugs. This Herbal information is for educational purposes and is not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Aromatherapy - Essential Oils

Lavender Essence,Patchouli Essence,
Peppermint Essence,Tea Tree Essence,
Terebinth Essence.

Related Health Conditions

Bites & Stings



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