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How to Build Your Dream Health

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Build a Strong Immune System for Disease Resistance and Energy

When you build a home to last, you start with a strong foundation...

When you build your Health to Last, you do the same...

You Start With Foundation

Foundation Blue-green Algae, with Advanced Enzyme Technology™, is proven to support a strong, robust Immune System... the only place to start when planning for your health to stand the test of time. 

Your Immune System is the often neglected, easily forgotten, but vitally important function that most people rarely think about...    Until they get sick.

Foundation Blue-green Algae is Step 1 in

A 3-Step System for
Building Your Dream Health

(Valued at $93.85 when purchased individually)

$84.85 for a month's supply of all 3 products...

Foundation, CellRenew and 

Liver Cleanse

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 Step 1 helps you achieve your goals for optimum health by:

Bullet Infusing your body with supercharged nutrients that we just don't get from today's foods

Bullet Supplying the proteins, trace minerals and live enzymes to boost and sustain cellular energy

Bullet Dispersing potent antioxidants to protect and repair free radical damage of RNA/DNA

Bullet Helping cleanse heavy metals and other toxins from the body...

 And much more!

In this 3-Step System to optimum health, a durable and reliable immune system is vital for 
Building Your Dream Health

Step 1 helps you recharge your immune system...
Step 1 is Foundation
(Foundation is available as an individual product. For more information, please see the next section.)

Foundation, CellRenew and 

Liver Cleanse

for only $84.85 

Or Call Toll Free 800-300-0331

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(An $93.85 Value if purchased seperately)

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Energy, Healing,
Resistance to Disease...
All are Measures of Youthfulness.

Step 1 Focuses on the Strength of Your Foundation... 

Your Immune System

Foundation Blue-green Algae
w/ Advanced Enzyme Technology

"If we let ourselves think about it too long, it is enough to make us nuts.

I am talking about all the challenges that face us everyday, with respect to finding adequate nutrition, avoiding toxic dangers, minimizing chronic stress-inducers, and hiding from the unseen electromagnetic and microwave radiation bombardments. It is amazing that any of us survive.

However, this doom-and-gloom reminder has a silver lining:
There are ways to help you combat the effects these factors have on your body, and specifically, on your immune system. 

I'm afraid I can't offer much help with the stress of a neighbor's barking dog, or the waste from the nuclear power plant down the block, but I can suggest reinforcing your immune system with our Foundation blue-green algae.

Foundation is Step 1 because you have to start at the beginning when building your dream health.

Bill Evans



Blue-Green Algae

w/ Advanced Enzyme Technology

Now With Vegi-Caps!!!

Rich in the nutritional building blocks necessary for a strong immune system, Foundation is a Nutritional Powerhouse of simple organisms considered to be nature’s first food.

Gram for gram, Foundation’s Blue Green Algae is one of the most nutritionally dense, micronutrient food available - a highly bioavailable protein that is 80% assimilated (compared to meat protein, which is 20% assimilated!) - with the perfect amino acid profile and infused with a live enzyme profile specifically designed to speed the digestion and absorption... Applied Health's exclusive Advanced Enzyme Technology™.  

For over 10 years, continuously tested in the lab, and relied on in the field, the fundamental rewards of taking Foundation have always surpassed our expectations. 

The foundation of nutrition is as fundamental to our health as the air we breath.

 This is why we make


Blue-green Algae
w/ Advanced Enzyme Technology

Available Online

Or Call Toll Free 800-300-0331

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Discover how Foundation can:

Bullet Strengthen Immune System

Bullet Eliminate Allergies and Sinus Infections

Bullet Increase Energy

Bullet Reduce Cravings and Addictions

Bullet Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels - Help Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

Bullet Reduce Cholesterol and Lower LDL levels

Bullet Improve Acne and Psoriasis

Bullet Reduce Anemia

Bullet Promote Proper Elimination

Bullet Cleanse Toxins, Heavy Metals and Radiation from the body

Bullet Promote Healing of Ulcers and Wounds

Bullet Repair free-radical damage of RNA/DNA

 Foundation contains the American harvested blue-green Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA), harvested (not cultivated) in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon - one of the world’s most pristine lakes. This volcanic region provides a synergistic combination of mineral-rich soil, alkaline environment, and the lake’s pure, spring-fed water, with an annual average of 300 days of sunshine - providing a strong foundation for the abundant growth of this perfect food.

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 The anti-inflammatory properties of Foundation is partly due to the substantial amount of carotenoids, including:

  • beta carotene, 
  • lycopene, 
  • and lutein, 

   ...which provide a rich source of antioxidants.  Antioxidants, by their very nature, have anti-inflammatory properties due to their ability to suppress free radicals.

 Blue-green algae is recognized as one of the most concentrated sources of chlorophyll (the green pigment), a vital phytonutrient known for its detoxifying and regenerating properties.

 In addition, Foundation contains phycocyanin, the blue pigment in the blue-green combo.  Phycocyanin is especially effective at free radical scavenging and reducing inflammation1,2,3.  

 One of the most promising indications of how Foundation benefits the immune system is the research showing how blue-green algae inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, specifically, breast cancer4

Get Started on Building your Foundation
by Getting Started on Our Foundation

Feel the Benefits:

Bullet Immune Booster and Detoxifier – Contains Powerful Antioxidants that suppress cell-damaging free radicals, eliminate toxins, and strengthen the immune system. Fights colds, flu, and other viruses.

Bullet Allergies and Sinus Protection – The Best Allergy Solution. Many people are able to rid themselves of all allergy symptoms.

Bullet Increase Physical Endurance - Supercharges Athletes, as well as a secret weapon for the Weekend Warriors.

Bullet Improves Mental State – Nourishes nerve cells and brain activity, and can improve symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity.

Bullet Weight Management – Cuts cravings and balances blood sugar with a full range of essential nutrients.

Bullet Cell Regenerator and Blood Purifier – Contains a high chlorophyll content.

Bullet Daily Essential Nutrients – 100% natural and contains the vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary to exceed daily requirements. By weight, FOUNDATION contains more protein (approximately 70%), chlorophyll, and B-12 than any other food.

Bullet Anti-Inflammatory Omega-3’s – high concentration of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s). Anti-inflammatory Omega-3 is essential for strong immunity, low cholesterol levels, healthy heart and arteries, and helps compensate for the unhealthy dietary fats. 

Bullet Assimilation – The small molecular structure allows over 95% of the nutrients to be absorbed!

Bullet Alkalizing – Helps balance today’s acidic diet resulting from cooked and over-processed foods.

Foundation is one of our staple products, which we have been using, non stop, for over 10 years.  Besides relying on it for its immune boosting properties, we also use it as an energy sustaining product for athletic endeavors.  

The easily digested protein and high nutrient concentrations provide such a dramatic boost to performance that we guarantee you will notice a difference, regardless of your current level of training

 We are so confident about the performance of Foundation, it makes it easy to offer the

no-nonsense guarantee... 

 Simply stated:

If you are not happy, then we are not happy.

If, for any reason, you do not like the results you receive from the product, you get your money back.

Foundation is Step 1 in our Dream Health System, a 3-part kit for helping you achieve your health goals. 

Foundation is:

100% Natural

100% Absorbable

100% American Grown & American Made

100% Guaranteed 

[Our Guarantee]
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Blue-green Algae
w/ Advanced Enzyme Technology

Available Online

Or Call Toll Free 800-300-0331

Additional Reading

Or Call Toll Free 800-300-0331

1. Bhat VB, Madyastha KM. C-phycocyanin: a potent peroxyl radical scavenger in vivo and in vitro. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2000;275(1):20-25.
2. Vadiraja BB, Gaikwad NW, Madyastha KM. Hepatoprotective effect of C-phycocyanin: protection for carbon tetrachloride and R-(+)-pulegone-mediated hepatotoxicity in rats. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1998;249(2):428-431.
3. Romay C, Ledon N, Gonzalez R. Phycocyanin extract reduces leukotriene B4 levels in arachidonic acid-induced mouse-ear inflammation test. J Pharm Pharmacol. 1999;51(5):641-642.
4. Reddy CM, Bhat VB, et al. Selective inhibition of cyclooxyge-nase-2 by C-phycocyanin, a biliprotein from Spirulina platensis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2000;277(3):599-603.


We don't offer a product until we have tested it, ourselves.

"Some companies believe that as long as a product passes internal testing in their sparkling laboratories,  it's ready to be sold to the public.

We don't agree.

We know that once our friends in the white lab coats and funny hair-nets are done, a product still needs to pass the stringent demands of our dedicated group of Test Dummies.

Many begin the process, but only a few survive...
I mean the products, of course.
(The dummies get a little banged up, but otherwise they are fine.)

Yes, it is grueling work, but don't feel sorry for the dummies. Their testing lab may not be quite as shiny and new as the guys with the microscopes, but they do enjoy more square footage.

Bill Evans
Chief Test Dummy
Applied Health Solutions, Inc.



"After 37 years of allergy shots, I didn't think anything would ever help me. I had been to many doctors and nutritionists, but no one had answers that would work, other than allergy shots. My brother is the one who told me about the benefits of blue-green algae. I had never heard of it. He practically shoved the capsules down my throat, one day, promising me it would help my allergies. I promised him that I would try the product, but the minute I had even ONE sneeze, I would return to my allergy shots. That was about ten years ago, and I have not returned to my allergist, at all. Not for even one shot! He probably wonders what happened to me. Foundation Blue-green Algae is what I continue to take to prevent allergies. For me, this product is more than effective. It is totally amazing! And... this had a lot do do with my decision to join the company. "
Tamara Jankoski
V.P. Customer Service
(and occassional Test Dummy)
Applied Health Solutions, Inc.

[editor's note: In my defense, I actually did not try to shove the algae down her throat, but I sure did harass her until she agreed. I vividly remember as a kid how every Spring and Summer, Tamara was basically confined to the house due to the severity of her allergies.  After she began taking the algae, she never needed another shot.  In addition, she doesn't get sick as often as she used to.  For some reason, her immune system was always run down, and she was susceptible to every cold or flu bug that came around.  Not anymore, though.

-Bill ]


" After reading about Foundation and how it is great for allergies and fighting viruses, I thought it would also be good for my kids. I started giving them small doses - 1 to 2 capsules a day. I know it has helped them build stronger immune systems, because they didn't have as many colds last year, plus it has helped their sinus allergies. What I don't get is that they both used to have attention deficit problems, my oldest being the worse. I have noticed that has changed. It's not anywhere near as bad as it used to be. Is that possible? "
Rob B
Taneytown, MD


" Can't do without Foundation. I am in business for myself, and often work sixty hours a week. It is exhausting, at times. I have been using Foundation for several years now, and depend on it to keep me going when I get really tired, or, if I am starting to come down with a cold. I will swallow 2 or 3 capsules every couple of hours when I need more energy or to fight the cold. Really great product. "
Tom J
Denver, Colorado


"I LOVE Foundation! I have always had allergies and would get shots all the time. When I started using Foundation regularly, I was able to stop the shots! My allergies are basically gone. If I have an occasional flair up, I take more Foundation and NO MORE ALLERGIES. Great stuff!"
Janice M
Chandler, Arizona


" Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I like your Foundation Blue-green Algae. For years, I have suffered with annual bouts of pneumonia, but since I started taking Foundation, I have only had one bout in the past three years, and it didn't last as long as usual. Also, I want to mention that I give it to my dog, too. She's allergic to grass, so I open a capsule of Foundation and sprinkle it on her food. Her eyes used to be red and runny, but no longer. Her allergies are gone. Foundation is great for the immune system. "
Tricia K
Tempe, Arizona


" I have just recovered from Hip Replacement surgery in record time. I credit taking Foundation and CellRenew diligently during my recovery/rehab period for this speedy return to my normal life. Keep up the good work! Sorry to make this letter so short. "
Tucson, AZ.