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Uncompromising Quality

Would you risk giving your family to anything less than "exceptional"?



When you insist on using only the finest ingredients available, a dependable, high-end product is much easier to achieve.


Starting with thoroughly tested and pure ingredients, every product is manufactured in an FDA licensed, pharmaceutical factory.  You might be wondering: 

"Doesn't that increase the costs of manufacturing?" 

And the answer is:

"Yes... it sure does."


But, this is a choice we make, not just for you, but because we consume the products, as well.


When you are comparison shopping for a product, do you shop only based on price?  If so, you might be interested in knowing that there are vast differences in the cost - and quality - of most raw materials.  


As an example, if you are purchasing a B12 product for yourself and your family, would you have confidence in a product in which the raw material for B12 cost the company $37 per kilo?  Or would you have more comfort in the effectiveness of a product if you knew the raw material, instead, cost $17,000 per kilo?


Yes, you read that correctly... that says $37 vs. $17,000 per kilo.  Gee, I wonder if there is a difference in the quality? 


Or how about if a product formula calls for ginkgo biloba... would you prefer to trust a product that you know uses only the same form of ginkgo biloba that German doctors prescribe as a mood altering drug, or are you okay not knowing if it is free of lead, melamine, and diethylene glycol (a deadly component of antifreeze)?  


The difference between a 'good job' and a 'quality job' is in the details.  And the details begin with ensuring that only the very best material is used to make products for you.  



So, in a market that is so loaded with "wanna-be, me-too" companies, how do we stand out in the crowd?


By adhering to an unwavering commitment to Quality, from the selection of the raw materials, to the reliance of only FDA licensed, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. 


Since 1997, without compromise, we have accepted nothing less than excellence... and we never will.  


This is Our Commitment to You.