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This is Why

I am often asked why I started Applied Health. That answer is easy... lengthy, but easy. 

But I am also asked -- a lot -- why we take such an interest in products for the immune system, cleansing and detox products, and why -- in the last several years -- we have taken such an interest in being "sun aware". 

Sometimes, we make decisions based on events in our personal life that left such a profound impression, it even influences decisions in our company.  If asked "on the street" what drives us, I offer many valid responses... but, very rarely discuss this one.

This is a story about my nephew, TJ. He, and his sister, lived with me for a period during their high school years. During those years, every life is full of hope, dreams, and promise. None more so than TJ's. People were always drawn to his gentle spirit and unusually bright "light". There was just something about him that was different. But, sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

TJ was diagnosed with melanoma a full year later than he should have been. The original doctor that looked at the "unusual spot", did not recognize it for what it was. That year delay was critical.

If this video can help you better understand what drives us, that's a good thing.
But, if this video can help you become more aware about the risks of skin cancer... that's a great thing.

  Bill Evans
 "Uncle Bill"

PS: for additional information about melanoma, please visit: