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Boils, also called furuncles, are a contagious and progressive bacterial infection which develop from the formation of a pustule within a hair follicle. They are considered to be abscesses on the skin, and deeper, which drain at the dermal surface. A group of boils which connect beneath the skin surface is called a carbuncle. Boils and carbuncles are commonly found on the face, neck, arms, buttocks, thighs, breast and auxiliary skin.

Treatments include gentle cleansing with soap and water, use of hot water compresses to promote vasodilation, topical antibiotics, drainage and systemic antibiotics. The boil should not be squeezed since rupturing within the skin can spread the infection. Relief of pain and healing are usually rapid after drainage.


Primary Factors
The primary cause of boils is infection of hair follicles by the microorganism Staphylococcus aureus.

Predisposing Factors
Infected wound elsewhere, poor personal hygiene, debilitation, exposure to chemicals, especially cutting oils; naturally oily skin, use of steroids, use of tar or occlusive therapy for skin lesions, sharing utensils, towels, clothes, etc. With an infected individual; clogged sweat glands, physical exhaustion, anemia, diabetes mellitus, and malnutrition. Irritating boils by any means will cause carbuncles.

Signs & Symptoms

Skin lesionsWeakness
Painful nodules and itchiness (earliest symptoms)Discharge of pus and dead tissue from skin opening

Nutritional Supplements

Structure & Function:
        Immune System Support &
        Hair, Skin and Nail Support

General Supplements

Vitamin B-Complex100 mg
Vitamin C3,000 mg

*Please refer to the respective topic for specific nutrient amounts.

Note: All amounts are in addition to those supplements having a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Due to individual needs, one must always be aware of a possible undetermined effect when taking nutritional supplements. If any disturbances from the use of a particular supplement should occur, stop its use immediately and seek the care of a qualified health care professional.

Dietary Considerations

Immune Strengthening Diet

Homeopathic Remedy

Boil - See also abscess

1.* Bellis perennis15C
2.* Belladonna tinct.30C
3. Hoang nan3X
4.* Anthracinum30C
5. Apis Mellifica30C

Advanced, by symptom:

1. First forming, red, hot and painfulBelladonna tinct.
2. Pus has formed, sensitive to touchHepar sulphuris calcareum.
3. Slow to clearSilicea tinct.

Treatment Schedule

Doses cited are to be administered on a 3X daily schedule, unless otherwise indicated. Dose usually continued for 2 weeks. Liquid preparations usually use 8-10 drops per dose. Solid preps are usually 3 pellets per dose. Children use 1/2 dose.


X = 1 to 10 dilution - weak (triturition)
C = 1 to 100 dilution - weak (potency)
M = 1 to 1 million dilution (very strong)
X or C underlined means it is most useful potency
Asterisk (*) = Primary remedy. Means most necessary remedy. There may be more than one remedy - if so, use all of them.


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Herbal Approaches


Aloe veraArnica
BirchBlue violet
Burdock rootCudweed
Pleurisy RootPau d'Arco

Note: The misdirected use of an herb can produce severely adverse effects, especially in combination with prescription drugs. This Herbal information is for educational purposes and is not intended as a replacement for medical advice.


Hoffmann, D: The New Holistic Herbal. Element, 1983. Third edition 1990.

Aromatherapy - Essential Oils

Chamomile Essence,Lavender Essence,
Lemon Essence,Rose Essence,
Tea Tree Essence.


Cypress Essence,Lavender Essence,
Thyme Essence.

Related Health Conditions

CarbunclesDiabetes mellitus



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