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An earache is a sharp, stabbing, dull, and/or throbbing pain in the ear.

Because earaches may be caused by many conditions, self-prescribed treatments are not recommended, since these may temporarily relieve pain, but make diagnosis more difficult.


"Swimmer's ear"; water remaining in the ear for extended periods of time which may provide a place for microorganisms to breed Herpes infection of the fifth and seventh cranial nerves
Boil in ear canal

Fracture of bonesTooth or gum pain
Wax buildupObjects put in the ear
Atypical facial painMyringitis
TumorsVascular headache
Rupture of the tympanumDisease of the cervical spine
Thrombosis of the lateral sinusInflammation of the posterior fossa
Temporomandibular joint disordersInflammatory and neoplastic disease of the larynx and nasopharynx

Signs & Symptoms

Throbbing or dull pain in ear
Stabbing or sharp pain in ear
Greenish-yellow discharge
Pain in mouth
Blocked up feeling
Diminished hearing

Nutritional Supplements

Structure & Function: Immune System Support

General Supplements

Beta Carotene25,000 IU qid
Vitamin C*3 - 5,000 mg
Zinclozenges qid

*Please refer to the respective topic for specific nutrient amounts.

Note: All amounts are in addition to those supplements having a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Due to individual needs, one must always be aware of a possible undetermined effect when taking nutritional supplements. If any disturbances from the use of a particular supplement should occur, stop its use immediately and seek the care of a qualified health care professional.

Dietary Considerations

Immune Strengthening Diet

Homeopathic Remedy

1.*Chamomilla tinct. - 30C for pain, tinnitis
2. Lobelia inflata - 30C
3. Belladonna tinct. - 30C

Advanced, by symptom:

1. Sudden onset after cold, dry weatherAconitum Napellus tinct.
2. Skin is hot and red, throbbing pain, crying out in sleep (delirium)Belladonna tinct.
3. Unbearable pain, a child must be carried, one cheek flushed, the other palePulsatilla nigricans
4. Early stages, indistinctFerrum phosphoricum
5. Ear sensitive to touch, sensitivity to draughts Hepar sulphuris calcareum

Glue ear

1. Swollen neck glands- Calcarea carbonica
2. Nasal discharge- Kali bichromicum

Treatment Schedule

Doses cited are to be administered on a 3X daily schedule, unless otherwise indicated. Dose usually continued for 2 weeks. Liquid preparations usually use 8-10 drops per dose. Solid preps are usually 3 pellets per dose. Children use 1/2 dose.


X = 1 to 10 dilution - weak (triturition)
C = 1 to 100 dilution - weak (potency)
M = 1 to 1 million dilution (very strong)
X or C underlined means it is most useful potency

Asterisk (*) = Primary remedy. Means most necessary remedy. There may be more than one remedy - if so, use all of them.


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Tissue Salts

Calc. Phos.ears feel cold, surrounding bones hurt, especially anemic children;
Ferr. Phos.inflammation is present, throbbing, temporary deafness;
Kali Mur.continued deafness, cracking in ear;
Kali Phos.deafness, noises in ears;
Kali Sulf.catarrh of the ear, yellow-coated tongue;
Mag. Phos.sharp pains surrounding ear;
Siliceadischarges from the ear;

Herbal Approaches



Otitis media

St. John's wort (Hypericum)
Tea tree oil

Note: The misdirected use of an herb can produce severely adverse effects, especially in combination with prescription drugs. This Herbal information is for educational purposes and is not intended as a replacement for medical advice.


Garlic from food (not capsules) or in the form of garlic oil eardrops is highly effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria from the noses and throats of children with ear infections.

One commercial product combines this with Mullein and St. John's wort. The noted herbalist, David Winston, cautions to use these drops only if the eardrums are intact.

Other formulations combine Mullein with Lavender or Tea tree oil.

Fresh herbal extracts are also recommended, using e.g. Echinacea, Pulsatilla


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Aromatherapy - Essential Oils

Chamomile Essence,Clove Essence,
Geranium Essence,Lavender Essence,
Myrrh Essence.

Related Health Conditions

BoilBone disorders
Broken bone FractureCold
CongestionDiseases of the cervical spine



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