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Impotence is the most common male disorder: encompassing the failure to achieve or maintain an erection and, possibly to ejaculate. Several forms are recognized:-

Functional impotence has a psychological basis;

Anatomic impotence is due to defective genitalia.

Atonic impotence involves disturbed neuromuscular function, including fatigue, alcohol and drugs.

An occasional failure is not regarded as clinically significant.


Impotence becomes increasingly common with age. Impaired circulation, declining hormone levels and the increased prospect of prescription drugs may all contribute.

Physical disorders include diabetes.

Neurological disorders include spinal trauma, although some paraplegics retain their ability to father children.

Antipsychotic and antihypertensive drugs are leading pharmaceutical causes. Alcohol is the leading non-pharmaceutical drug.

Signs & Symptoms

The physical sign is quite straightforward. However, the psychological ramifications are complex and may require extensive testing and therapy to unravel.

Changes in medication, counseling and sex therapy are successful in over half the cases. Otherwise, mechanical devices and implants may be used.

Nutritional Supplements

General Supplements

Octacosanol1,000 mcg
Vitamin B-Complex50 mg tid
Vitamin E400 IU
Zinc80 mg

*Please refer to the respective topic for specific nutrient amounts.

Note: All amounts are in addition to those supplements having a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Due to individual needs, one must always be aware of a possible undetermined effect when taking nutritional supplements. If any disturbances from the use of a particular supplement should occur, stop its use immediately and seek the care of a qualified health care professional.

Dietary Considerations

A well-balanced diet is recommended.

A good snack item would be pumpkin seeds.

Homeopathic Remedy

Testis bovis
With hoarsenessSelenium tinct.

Treatment Schedule

Over-the-counter homeopathic remedies may be single strength (of fairly weak potency e.g. 6X ) or a blend of several weaker strengths (6X, 8X, 10X).

This may comprise a single remedy, or several remedies.

Doses are administered on a 3 times daily (tid), between meals,schedule and continued for 3 days.

Liquid preparations usually use 8-10 drops per dose.

Solid preparations are usually 2 or 3 pellets per dose.

Children use 1/2 dose i.e. 1 pellet.

If there is aggravation of the symptoms, stop taking the remedy and consult a homeopath.


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Herbal Approaches


Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)
Saw Palmetto
Wild Yam

Note: The misdirected use of an herb can produce severely adverse effects, especially in combination with prescription drugs. This Herbal information is for educational purposes and is not intended as a replacement for medical advice.


Yohimbine is credited with up to 43% success rate, however, side effects can be severe.

A safer alternative seems to be emerging from Brazil: Muira puama or potency wood (Ptychopetalum olacoides). Reported benefits are between 51 and 62% success.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the floral structures of plants have their medicinal effects on the reproductive system. This formula is made of three flowers; the first is an aphrodisiac, the second exerts an influence on the sexual chakra and the third exerts and influence on the heart chakra and acts to harmonize the blend.

2 parts safflower (or 1 part saffron)
2 parts hibiscus flower
2 parts rose flower
in tea (1 tsp. per cup) or capsules (1-2 OO caps).


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Aromatherapy - Essential Oils


Cedarwood Essence,Clary Sage Essence,
Neroli Essence,Patchouli Essence,
Rose Essence,Sandalwood Essence,
Ylang-Ylang Essence.

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