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Athletic Training

Athletic training

Leucine supplementation may prevent a decline in the serum leucine concentration during rigorous exercise. This study evaluated the effects of leucine on amino acid and hormone profile during training. In a double-blind randomized cross-over study, male power athletes were given placebo or leucine tablets during training period for ten weeks. The serum leucine concentration was significantly lowered in the placebo group by 20.1%, but it occurred mostly during the first 5 weeks of the study. With leucine supplementation, no changes in the serum leucine concentration were observed. Total serum amino acids decreased significantly in both groups. Serum testosterone and serum cortisol concentration increased in all subjects during the first five weeks. Testosterone concentration decreased during the second five weeks by 19%.

Mero, A; Pitkanen, H; Oja, SS; Komi, PV; Pontinen, P; Takala, T: Leucine supplementation and serum amino acids, testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone in male power athletes during training, J-Sports-Med-Phys-Fitness. 1997 Jun; 37(2): 137-45