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Pepper Essence

Pepper Essence


PEPPER (Piper nigrum)

Family: Piperaceae

Source: The Essential oil is obtained from the berries.

Fragrance: Soft, spicy, hot, piquant.

Volatility: Top note?

General description and habitat:

The fruit of a vine found in the moist, low-lying forests in monsoon Asia and West Indies. In the wild it can grow to more than 18 feet high but is restricted to half tthat for cultivation. Black, white and green peppercorns are different stages of maturity from the sameplant.

Principal constituents: Phellandrene, pinene, limonene, piperine.


History and folk use:

Long used for cooking and in Medicine. Old Chinese and Sanskrit manuscripts mention it. Pliny wrote that pepper was more costly even than gold.

Venice and Genoa thrived on the pepper trade and associated voyages of exploration. It was first distilled in the fifteenth century.

Properties & Uses

General properties: Stimulant, stomachic, vulnerary, warming.

Primary Uses:

Colds, Digestion
Sore throat

Secondary Uses:

Backache, Catarrh,
Chest, Hay Fever,
Rheumatic Conditions,


Always dilute as it may otherwise irritate the skin.


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