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Buttermilk, milk fermented by the addition of a lactic-acid-producing bacterial starter culture.

Being much lower in calories, cholesterol, and lipids than whole milk, buttermilk is a good alternative for persons on a Weight Reduction Diet or Low Fat Diet (Non Pritikin).

Caloric Content

Calories: 99
Protein:8.11 gm
Carbohydrates:11.7 gm
Fiber: 0 gm
Total fats:2.16 gm
Saturated fats:1.34 gm
Unsaturated fats: .7 gm
Cholesterol: 9 mg

1. 1 cup, 245 grams

Vitamin Content

Vitamin A: 815000 IU
Thiamine:.083 1.7 mg
Vitamin B-2:.377 1.7 mg
Vitamin B-6:.083 2.0 mg
Vitamin B-12:.537 6 mcg
Biotin: 5 300 mcg
Niacin:.142 20 mg
Pantothenic Acid:.674 10 mg
Folic acid: - 400 mcg
Vitamin C: 2.4 60 mg
Vitamin E: .118 30 IU

1. 1 cup, 245 grams

Mineral Content

Calcium: 2851000 mg
Copper:.047 2 mg
Iron: .12 18 mg
Magnesium: 27 400 mg
Manganese: - n/a mg
Phosphorus: 2191000 mg
Potassium: 371 n/a mg
Selenium: - n/a mcg
Sodium: 257 n/a mg
Zinc:1.03 15 mg

1. 1 cup, 245 grams

Amino Acid Content

Tryptophan:.088 gm
Threonine:.386 gm
Isoleucine:.5 gm
Leucine:.807 gm
Lysine:.679 gm
Methionine:.198 gm
Cysteine:.076 gm
Phenylalanine:.427 gm
Tyrosine:.339 gm
Valine:.596 gm
Arginine:.309 gm
Histidine:.233 gm
Alanine:.292 gm
Aspartic acid:.647 gm
Glutamic acid:1.57 gm
Glycine:.178 gm
Proline:.819 gm
Serine:.422 gm

1. 1 cup, 245 grams


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