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Pimento, the fruit of the sweet pepper (Pimenta officinalis), is cultivated in Spain, Italy, southern France and the United States. Used in cookery, it is served red or green as hors d'oeuvres, as a vegetable, and in salads. Because it serves more as an herb than a principal part of a dish, pimentos usually add only insignificant nutrients to the diet.

Caloric Content

Calories: 12
Protein: .43 gm
Carbohydrates:2.66 gm
Fiber: .60 gm
Total fats: .23 gm
Saturated fats: .034 gm
Unsaturated fats:.136 gm
Cholesterol: 0 mg

1. 1/2 cup chopped, 50 grams

Vitamin Content

Vitamin A: 2655000 IU
Thiamine:.043 1.7 mg
Vitamin B-2:.025 1.7 mg
Vitamin B-6:.082 2.0 mg
Vitamin B-12: 0 6 mcg
Biotin: - 300 mcg
Niacin:.275 20 mg
Pantothenic Acid:.018 10 mg
Folic acid: 8.4 400 mcg
Vitamin C: 64 60 mg
Vitamin E: - 30 IU

1. 1/2 cup chopped, 50 grams

Mineral Content

Calcium: 31000 mg
Copper:.052 2 mg
Iron: .63 18 mg
Magnesium: 7 400 mg
Manganese:.070 n/a mg
Phosphorus: 111000 mg
Potassium: 98 n/a mg
Selenium: - n/a mcg
Sodium: 2 n/a mg
Zinc: .09 15 mg

1. 1/2 cup chopped, 50 grams

Amino Acid Content

Tryptophan:.006 gm
Threonine:.016 gm
Isoleucine:.014 gm
Leucine:.022 gm
Lysine: .019 gm
Methionine:.005 gm
Cysteine: .008 gm
Phenylalanine:.013 gm
Tyrosine:.009 gm
Valine: .018 gm
Arginine:.021 gm
Histidine:.009 gm
Alanine:.018 gm
Aspartic acid:.061 gm
Glutamic acid:.056 gm
Glycine:.016 gm
Proline:.019 gm
Serine: .017 gm

1. 1/2 cup chopped, 50 grams


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