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Gluten Restricted Diet

Gluten Restricted Diet


The Gluten Restricted Diet is designed for those individuals who have an allergy or sensitivity to the wheat protein gluten (alpha-gliadin). Conditions such as sprue or celiac disease are associated with gluten sensitivity. It has been found certain behavioral abnormalities such as schizophrenia may be associated with gluten reactivity. Inflammatory bowel disorders may have a relationship to mucosal hypersensitivity to this food protein or its partial digestion products (exorphins). The Gluten Restricted Diet is designed to exclude gluten-rich foods such as wheat, barley, oats and rye.

Gluten sensitivity is genetically linked and may be a consequence of altered secretory IgA antibodies produced by the intestinal mucosal cells.

Depending upon the individual's specific food choices, the Gluten Restricted Diet can be adequate in all essential nutrients as defined by the RDA's of the National Research Council.

Sample Menu

Menu for One day


1/2 c orange juice10 whole, shelled, unsalted almonds
1 egg (poached or egg substitute)1 c skim milk or milk - 2% fat
1 c puffed riceHot, noncaloric beverage


1 c vegetable soup2 oz sliced turkey breast
2 slices gluten-free bread2 rice wafers
1 apple1 c skim milk or milk - 2% fat
Sliced lettuce & tomato for sandwich2 tsp butter, margarine, or mayonnaise


3 ozs broiled halibut1 c brown rice
1 c steamed broccoli1 slice gluten-free bread
1 tsp margarine or butter1/2 banana
1 c skim milk or milk - 2% fatHot noncaloric beverage
1 c yogurt2 tsp oil & vinegar dressing
1 c salad: romaine or Boston lettuce; sliced carrot, cucumber, mushroom, bell pepper, celery

Total Calories For The Day: 1,590
Nutrient Content:


Food Exchange List

Bread and Cereal Exchange List: 4 or more servings/day

Breads and rolls made from:

Brown riceGluten-free bread mixarrowroot
White rice (enriched)corn flourPotato
potato floursoy flourrice flour

Rice noodles
Sweet potato
Beans (dried)
Green peas
Corn cereal or rice cereal

All others

Fat Exchange List: as needed; moderation advised


NutsAll fats not noted below

Commercial salad dressings which contain gluten stabilizers

Fruit Exchange List: 2 or more servings/day

All fruits and fruit juices


Meat and Meat Substitute Exchange List: 6 or more servings/day


Meat FishPoultry
ShellfishEgg Peanut butter
Natural cheeses

Any meat prepared with the restricted grains such as:
Luncheon meat        
Processed cheese

Milk Exchange List: 2 or more servings/day

Unflavored milk and milk products

Commercial chocolate milk
Malted milk
All other milks with wheat products added

Vegetable Exchange List: 4 or more servings/day

Fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables prepared without grains

Creamed or breaded vegetables, unless prepared with the recommended ingredients

Miscellaneous Exchange List

Soups and broths made with recommended ingredients

Cereal beverages such as Postum and Ovaltine
Beer, ale, and other beverages made with the restricted grains

Note: Include 6-8 cups of fluids, such as water, per day.


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