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FAQs About Collagen Type II

Collagen Type II
With Hyaluronic Acid

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What is CellRenew?

CellRenew is a safe and natural Collagen Type II dietary supplement developed from Chicken Sternal Cartilage, and suggested through double-blind, clinical trials (read more here) to be 89.9% effective. CellRenew contains very high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance known for potent benefits to soft tissues and joint health.  The benefits of Collagen Type II are supported by published scientific data.

Unlike other treatments for arthritis symptoms, whether prescription or natural, CellRenew is guarateed for results.  It is rare when you find a product - any product - with such a high success rate that the manufacturer will stand behind it with a money back guarantee. And since 1997, CellRenew has been worthy of this guarantee. It contains naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate. The results of a human clinical trial using this material showed significant improvements in the reduction of joint swelling, tenderness, and pain, as well as successful increases in mobility. Choose CellRenew Collagen Type II from 100% Chicken Sternal Cartilage: The Reliable Solution.


Who is a good candidate to take CellRenew?

Although studies have shown that many different conditions respond to Collagen Type II, the conditions that have shown the greatest response are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. If you have grown weary of traditional treatments that only cover-up symptoms and neglect to treat the root cause, then you are an excellent candidate to begin a program of Collagen Type II. CellRenew is also used as a preventative measure for athletes who have overworked their joints and are looking for a way to maintain healthy joints prior to the onset of osteoarthritis.
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What will it do for me?

Collagen Type II (CTII) has been suggested to offer significant benefits for some types of arthritis. The word 'arthritis' is Latin, from Greek 'arthro' (joint) and 'itis' (inflammation). This very broad definition covers a lot of ailments, but says nothing about the causes. The forms of arthritis that most of us are familiar with are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is usually caused by over-use, abuse, and injury. It is by far the most common form of arthritis. It is known that merely the aging process, and so many years of gravity working on the weight-bearing joints, is a major contributor to this type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is not considered an autoimmune disorder (like rheumatoid arthritis) in which the body attacks itself as it would a foreign invader.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most well known of the autoimmune types of arthritis. In the case of RA, the collagen in the joints is attacked. Though many sufferers notice that the problem gradually gets worse over the years (as they would for osteoarthritis), many experience a sudden 'flare-up' after a particular illness, often times a viral infection.

Depending on the particular type of arthritis you experience, CTII goes to work in different ways. If you suffer from RA, CTII acts as an oral tolerization agent, instructing the body to stop the immune response to the collagen in the joints. This natural response is the way that our bodies remain relatively free from immune or allergic reactions to most of the foods we eat. If we did not have this ability, we would eventually starve.

For those suffering from osteoarthritis, CTII provides the critical building blocks that restore a healthy state to the cartilage in the joints. CellRenew is made from chicken sternal cartilage that contains the highest level of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory proteoglycans (Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate A) of any other material tested, including shark cartilage. It is important to note that the combination of the proteoglycans and the Collagen Type II proteins not only protect the cartilage, but also provide the building blocks required to rebuild lost cartilage to restore the joint to a normal state.

With the proper building blocks, and the appropriate environment, the human body can rebuild lost cartilage. The body is an amazing organism, that constantly strives to attain a state of equilibrium. The harsh reality is that most of us abuse ourselves through lifestyle choices, and then expect the body to compensate. With awareness, discipline, proper nutrition, and patience, most of the degenerative conditions that plague us can be reversed. Unfortunately, most of us are unwilling to take responsibility for the steps required. We are trained to expect the 'quick-fix', and we are willing to put our fate in the hands of someone to whom we have pleaded; 'It hurts. Make it stop!' So we are prescribed the quick-fix anti-inflammatory/painkiller and neglect to discover the underlying cause. Yes, pain is uncomfortable. It is supposed to be. It is the body's way of drawing our attention to a problem that, if left uncorrected, can eventually become very serious. When we are driving down the freeway and the oil pressure warning light starts flashing on the dashboard, we do not quickly pull over, lift the hood, and defiantly yank the wire from the oil pressure sensor unit and yell, 'Ha! Fixed that!' Yet, that is exactly the approach so many of us take everyday by ignoring, or 'fixing' all the obvious warning signs our body produces.

Although some people notice an improvement with their symptoms after only a week or two of starting the CTII program, most take between 4 and 6 weeks to fully realize the benefits. But then they don't typically notice just a gradual change, they notice their pain has vanished, or they discover mobility in a joint they couldn't bend for many years. The results are truly dramatic. We urge you not to become impatient with your progress. Remember, these are natural-based, non-toxic, nutriceuticals that are not designed to just cover-up symptoms. Instead they are designed to correct a problem that has often been present and ignored for many years. In most cases it took many years to get to a state of particular complaint, and rarely are root causes fixed overnight.

What do the studies show?

The results of a recent double-blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial has proved the benefits of Collagen Type II for treating the symptoms of pain and immobility associated with arthritis. Drs. K. Buckman and J. Gutierrez report an 89.9% positive response rate, within 45 days, for the participants who consumed at least 2000 mg of Collagen Type II per day. To review the results of this report, click here.

Back in 1958, a Dr. John Prudden, former professor of surgery at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, discovered that cartilage dramatically accelerated wound healing after he applied it as a topical agent. He later discovered the anti-inflammatory properties after applying it to a chronic ulcer a patient had on his skin. In the mid-sixties Dr. Prudden joined with Dr. John Allen to conduct a study of non-healing wounds and the use of Collagen Type II-rich cartilage. The result was a 42% improvement between the treated wounds and the control wounds. This difference was considered highly significant. Then, Dr. Prudden reported having successfully treated more than 50 patients, starting in 1974, with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and many other ailments.

In 1968, Dr. A.J. Bollet's research showed that the Collagen Type II-rich cartilage promoted protein and chondroitin sulfate synthesis, key components in the bodies construction of cartilage. Of the different types of cartilage tested, the one with the highest level of Collagen Type II, anti-inflammatory proteoglycans (the healing properties) was chicken sternal cartilage. CellRenew is 100% chicken sternal cartilage.

What are some of the success stories?

A few of the customer opinions follow, but several others are available here.

From Mrs. Z.E., of Tucson, Arizona:

'I have been using CellRenew for 8 weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in the chronic joint pain I had been experiencing. I have suffered from the pain of arthritic inflammation in my hips and knees, and the pain, swelling and immobility of my fingers for several years. I began to take CellRenew with the hope that I could improve the condition of my fingers. The bonus is the complete remission of pain in the other joints as well. I am so confident that this product has been dramatically instrumental in the improvement of my condition that I know that it will continue to be a part of my daily routine. Because I have always been very resistant to taking prescription pain killers, CellRenew has been nothing short of a miracle.'

From Mr. M.R.B., Edmonton, Canada:
'I am an 80 year old male who has enjoyed good health all my life. Over the past several years I have, however, developed some stiffness in two fingers of my left hand and a restriction of movement and some pain in my shoulders and neck. I attributed both to my advancing years and have been thankful that I didn't have more problems. At the suggestion of my son, I started taking CellRenew religiously each morning with orange juice about 4 weeks ago. To my surprise, within 2 weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in my fingers and even have noticed improvement in the range of motion, without pain, in my shoulders and neck. I am now in my second month with CellRenew and am looking forward to continued improvement. I would highly recommend this product to others of my vintage who believe they need to live with less mobility merely because of their age!'

From Mrs. G.T., Pittsburgh, PA:
'The almost constant pain and increasing immobility in my shoulders and hands that I suffered with for many years is now reversed and continues to improve with regular use of CellRenew. It took several months to realize initial relief, but now I notice improvement almost every day. Thank you for making me aware that I no longer have to suffer from my symptoms or the side effects of drug therapy.'

From Mrs. N.P., Phoenix, AZ:
'Fourteen months ago, I was in excruciating agony most of the time. Just putting on shoes or climbing into bed caused screaming pain. My active life seemed gone forever. I was diagnosed with scoliosis, spinal osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease … on the x-ray, my spine looked like a rock pile. I was on disability. I could work only part-time, but had to rest on my back with ice packs afterwards. Then I found CellRenew. Within just one month, the improvement was truly miraculous!
That was four months ago. Last weekend, I walked the mall briskly for 2 1/2 hours … then spent an hour with my son looking at 2-story condos! Yesterday I scrubbed my kitchen floor on hands and knees. Today I loaded full boxes into my storage unit!
To me, CellRenew is a miracle - it has given my active life back to me!'

What else is it good for?

Besides the better-known associations with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it has also been suggested that Collagen Type II might benefit heart disease, psoriasis, progressive myopia, and some other autoimmune diseases. Many realize other benefits that were less anticipated, but quite appreciated for aesthetic reasons. Because collagen is a key building block for several processes of the body, many people notice their nails grow noticeably faster, their hair strands get thicker, and their skin becomes softer.

There is also a lot of enthusiasm in the sports and fitness community about CellRenew because of the preventative qualities for offering a protective factor to cartilage in over-stressed joints, and promoting full range of motion for sports that require repetitive or exaggerated movements like golf, martial arts, tennis, jogging and weight lifting.

Are there any side effects?

No, unless you want to consider healthier nails, hair, and skin a side effect. CellRenew is water soluble and has never been indicated in any toxic buildup.

How long before I improve?

Although some people have noticed an improvement with their symptoms after only a week or two of starting a CellRenew program, many take between 4 and 6 weeks. We urge you not to get impatient with your progress. A recent clinical trial reports an 89.9% response within 45 days. Remember that these are natural based, non-toxic, nutriceuticals that are not designed to just cover up symptoms. Instead they are designed to correct a problem that has often been present and ignored for many years. In most cases it took many years to get to a state of particular complaint, and rarely are root causes improved on overnight.

With that said, however, we have noticed that some forms of arthritis symptoms tend to respond faster - on average - than other forms.  For instance, we do know that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have a tendency to respond faster, and curiously, people who have spinal discomforts notice improvement typically in less time than someone with discomfort in one of their weight bearing joints (knees, hips).  We suspect this is more an issue of the weight bearing joints needing to develop a much greater degree of damage prior to showing symptoms than perhaps is required for a spinal condition.

The speed of your progress is also a function of your own responsibility to take control of your treatment. This means that you must commit to the healing process. Often times, we see people complain that they have not seen any progress after a couple of weeks, and when pressed for answers as to how they are following the program, they admit to forgetting to take the CellRenew half the time. Or they always take it after a big meal or a pot of coffee. Once your condition has stabilized after several weeks or months of improvement, and you want to settle into a 'maintenance mode', then you can get away with 'forgetting' to take it, or not taking it at the optimum time. But until then, please be disciplined. You will thank yourself later.

Can I take it with my current medication?

Yes, but it is not recommended to take prescription medications at the same time as nutritional supplementation. Wait at least 20 minutes after taking CellRenew before taking any medication.  This is not for concern of effecting the drug; CellRenew is quite safe with any interactions. The reason we ask that you wait to take anything else is to minimize the chance that CellRenew might bind with some other material and not get fully absorbed.

What is the program for taking CellRenew?

It is recommended that CellRenew be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with 6 ounces of water.  It may also be taken with some form of a vitamin C drink, such as orange juice, grapefruit juice, or a vitamin C supplement powder.  The Vitamin C is not required, but there are suggestions that the Collagen may be more readily absorbed when accompanied by Vitamin C.

As for quantity, it is suggested to start out with 4 capsules each morning.  Some people who know they have an osteoarthritic condition may elect to begin with more, but we prefer to suggest no more than the 4.  The reason is because we have had some customers with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) actually have an increase of symptoms when they got too over anxious and consumed more than suggested.  This is probably due to the very nature of the disease.  If anybody with RA is reading this, please do not think that "Gee if a little is good, then a lot must be better."  It's not!  We have been conditioned to often think this. (I am guilty of this too.)  Remember that with RA, there is a desensitization process that must gradually take place. If you do not know the type of arthritis you have, then start with the 4 capsules or less, per day.

The great thing about solving the problem at the source is that eventually you can go on a maintenance program where you don't have to take the collagen every day. You can if you want to. It won't hurt anything. But some people prefer to have a bottle last longer than a month because of the cost factor. A maintenance program is pretty individualistic. Each person must experience what works best for them. Some people might prefer to take several capsules once a week, while others prefer to maintain the routine and just take 2 or 3 capsules each morning. This way they feel they are less likely to get out of the habit and forget to take it.  There are some customers who have eventually reduced the dose to 1-2 capsules per day after their improvement stabilizes.  However, if you are a very active person, you might eventually experience symptoms again.  I still take 6 each day because I am still very active with hiking and biking and I start to notice increased discomfort in both knees and one hip if I try to reduce it too much.  

Are there any articles about the benefits of CellRenew?

Dr. Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D. has written an article called "Is Collagen Type II A Cure For Arthritis And Heart Disease?" which he has graciously permitted us to reprint. You can read it here.



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