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Acetylsalicylic acid

Acetylsalicylic acid

See also NSAID

Generic and Trade Names:

Aspirin         Ascriptin, Bufferin, Ecotrin


This is the basic antiinflammatory, antipyretic analgesic against which all others are compared. Originally found in tree bark, it has been synthesized and is also found in combination with other drugs e.g. Darvon. These agents lower temperature through vasodilation of peripheral vessels, thereby causing excess heat to dissipate. It's anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are mediated through prostaglandin inhibition. Aspirin, has greater anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects than other salicylates. (Facts and Comparisons 1999)

Nutritional Considerations:

Take with food or milk to avoid stomach upset. (Facts and Comparisons 1999)

Aspirin, for example, increases urinary excretion of vitamin C. Decreased vitamin status with respect to vitamin C as well as folate have been noted. There may also be extensive bleeding both with salicylates and other NSAIDs. An associated condition is anemia. (Pronsky 1999)

Limit high-protein foods (Aspirin can elevate blood urea and precipitate attacks of gout). (Sloan 1982)

Possible vitamin deficiencies include:
vitamin B-complex ( notably B-12 and Folic acid) and vitamin C. (Pronsky 1999)

Herbal Considerations:

Herbs such as Juniper,guar, gymnema, nettle, onion plant, prickly pear cactus, queen of the meadow, red raspberry plant, saw palmetto and yerba mate may interact with salicylates. (Blumenthal 1998)(Newall 1996)

The weak antithrombotic effect of garlic plant, ginger or onion plant may be increased by concomitant administration of salicylates. (Newall 1996)

Licorice root reduces aspirin absorption and protects gastric mucosa against aspirin toxicity. (Brinker 1998)

Due to presence of salicylates, meadowsweet and European poplar may potentiate the effects of other anticoagulant agents, such as aspirin, and heparin. (Kudriashov 1990)

Precautions associated with salicylate therapy are equally applicable to willow. Willow should not be taken along with salicylate drugs. (Janssen 1997)


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