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Generic and Trade Names:

Alprazolam Xanax
Clonazepam Klonopin
Clorazepate dipotassiumTranxene
Diazepam Valium


Benzodiazepines are a group of tranquilizer drugs which are classified as anti-anxiety agents. They primarily affect the lower brain areas to produce emotional calmness and relaxation without causing depression or significant sedation (see also under sedative and insomnia).

Nutritional Considerations:

Grapefruit juice may interact with some benzodiazepines by increasing their duration of effect, the clinical significance of this is unknown. (Ozdemir 1998)(Pronsky 1999)

Avoid alcohol. (Pronsky 1999)

Avoid over 400mg/day of caffeine: coffee, tea. (Pronsky 1999)

Herbal Considerations:

German Chamomile may increase the sedative effects of benzodiazepines. (Brinker 1998)

Tobacco speeds the elimination of benzodiazepines. (Brinker 1998)

The combination of kava and alprazolam can be very dangerous, and patients should not use these in combination. (Brinker 1998)

Newall and Brinker have a list of herbs with sedative action which could potentiate the action of benzodiazepines.

Calamus (Sweet Flag)                
California poppy
Celery Seed        
Jamaica Dogwood        
Lemon balm
Passion Flower        
Shepherd's Purse                
St. John's Wort        
Wild Carrot Seed        
Wild Lettuce
Yerba mansa        


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