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Generic and Trade Names:

PhenylbutazoneAzolid, Butazolidin


Phenylbutazone is a prescription drug classified as an antiinflammatory drug, analgesic, antipyretic, and mild uricosuric agent. It is used to reduce pain (especially joint pain due to arthritis and gout). It is used only if traditional non-steroidal antiinflammatory medications don't work. Phenylbutazone reduces prostaglandin which is involved in causing inflammation and pain.

Nutritional Considerations:

Avoid alcohol. (Facts and Comparisons 1999)

Phenylbutazone has also been implicated to cause aplastic anemia. (Facts and Comparisons 1999)

Depletion of iodine stores by phenylbutazone has also led to goiter (see Thyroid Disorders). (Facts and Comparisons 1999)

Sodium, and fluid retension are possible. (Facts and Comparisons 1999)

Herbal Considerations:

Phenylbutazone is metabolized more quickly by tobacco. (Brinker 1998)


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