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Recent Research Papers

Recent Research Papers

Aguejouf, O et al., Thromboembolic complications several days after a single-dose administration of aspirin. Thrombosis Res. 1998,88:

Benveniste J: Meta-analysis of homoeopathy trials. [letter] Lancet, 1998 Jan, 351:9099, 367.

DeLange de Klerk, ESM et al., Effect of homeopathic medicines on daily burden of symptoms in children with recurrent upper respiratory tracty infections. BMJ, 1994, 309:1,329-1,332.

Doutremepuich C et al., Template bleeding time after ingestion of ultra low dosages of acetyl salicylic acid in healthy subjects. Preliminary study. Thromb Res, 1987 Nov 15, 48:4, 501-4.

Doutremepuich C et al., Platelet aggregation on whole blood after administration of ultra low dosage acetylsalicylic acid in healthy volunteers. Thromb Res, 1987 Aug 1, 47:3, 373-7.

Doutremepuich, C et al., Aspirin at very ultra low dosage in healthy volunteers. Haemostasis, 1990, 20:99-105.

Doutremepuich C et al., Thrombogenic properties of ultra-low-dose of acetylsalicylic acid in a vessel model of laser-induced thrombus formation. Thromb Res, 1994 Oct, 76:2, 225-9.

Doutremepuich, C et al., Effects of ultra-low dose aspirin on embolization in a model of laser-induced thrombosus formation. Seminars in thrombosis and hemostasis. 1996, 22, Supp 1.

Ferley, JP et al., A controlled evaluation of a homeopathic preparation in the treatment of influenza-like syndromes. Br. J. Clin. Pharm. 1989, 27:3,219-35.

Fisher, P et al., Effect of homeopathic treatment on fibrositis (primary fibromyalgia). BMJ, 1989, 299:365-366.

Jacobs, J et al., Homeopahtic treatment of acute childhood diarrhoea. Br. Homeopathic J. 1993, 82:83-86.

Jacobs, J et al., Treatment of acute childhood diarrhea with homeopathic medicine: a randomized clinical trial in Nicaragua. Pediatrics, 1994, 93(5):719-725.

Kleijnen, J et al., Clinical trials of homeopathy. BMJ 1991, 302:316-323.

Linde, K et al., Are the clinical effects of homeopathy placebo effects? A meta-analusis of placebo-controlled trials. Lancet, 1998, 351(9097):220.

Lokken, P et al., Effect of homeopathy on pain and other events after acute trauma: placebo controlled trial with bilateral oral surgery. BMJ 1995, 310(6992):1,439-1,442.

Reilly, DT & Taylor, MA: Potent placebo or potency? Br. Homeopathic J. 1985, 74:65-75.

Reilly, DT et al., Is homeopathy a placebo response? Lancet, 1986:881-886.

Reilly, D et al., Is evidence for homeopathy reproducible. Lancet, 1994, 10:1,601-1,606.

Sainte-Laudy, J & Belon, P: Analysis of immunosuppressive activity of serial dilutions of histamine on human basophil activation by flow cytometry. Inflamm. Res. 1996 Supp 1:S33-S34.

Whitmarsh, TE et al., Double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study of homeopathic prophylaxis of migraine. Cephalalgia, 1997, 17(5):600-604.


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