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Calcarea Sulf.

Calcarea Sulf.

Calcarea Sulf. is found in the epithelial (skin) cells and blood. It protects against cell disintegration and suppuration.

Hence it is useful for skin infections, or wounds that are slow to heal. Silicea hastens the suppurative process, while Calc. Sulf. heals at the proper time. The specific indication for this remedy, is heavy yellow pus, streaked with blood.

The head may ache all over, particularly at the forehead. There may be a sensation of vertigo, with nausea, upon moving the head quickly. There may also be hair loss and dandruff.

The cornea of the eye may become inflamed with abscesses.

There may be herpetic eruptions on the skin, pimples on the face and wounds are slow to heal.

There may be tonsillitis and a sore throat.