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Ferrum Phosphate

Ferrum Phosphate

Ferr. Phos. is found in the blood. It is given for feverish and inflammatory conditions. Another formulation, "General Ferr. Phos." is recommended for children and elderly patients.

Most diseases start with inflammation of one kind, or another, so it is a frequently required remedy.

Typical symptoms include: flushed face, fever, quick, strong pulse, hot, dry skin.

This remedy may also be useful, applied topically on a wound to staunch the flow of blood.

A general overview of symptoms includes:

Congestive headache, dizziness.



Flushed complexion.

Sore throat (associated with singing etc.).

Bronhcitis, laryngitis.


Palpitations, rapid pulse.

Sprains and strains. Back pain over the kidneys.

Open wounds.

Simple anemia.