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Kali Phos.

Kali Phos.

Kali Phos. is in all bodily tissues and fluids, especially the brain. It is the great nerve nutrient.

A deficiency produces brain fog (fag), timidity and muscular debility.

An overview of key symptoms includes:

Nervous temperament, sleeplessness, vertigo when looking upward.

Weak sight, drooping eyelids.

Buzzing in the ears.

Neuralgia (try Mag. Phos. first!).

Dry tongue, cleaving to the roof of the mouth in the morning. May be covered in a "mustard-like" coating.

Bleeding gums.

Hungry feeling, soon after eating.

Asthma, hay fever, loss of voice.

Faintedness, dizziness, palpitation from exertion.

Itching of he palms of the hands and soles of the feet, a "crawly" sensation. Shingles.

Sepsis, blood is dark, thin and does not coagulate.