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Kali Sulf.

Kali Sulf.

Kali. Sulf. helps carry oxygen to the cells (with Ferr. Phos.).

A deficiency of Kali. Sulf. causes a lack of oxygen in the skin and a desire for fresh air.

Secretions are yellow-green, slimy, sticky. Dandruff scales are also yellow.

An overview of symptoms includes:

Headache, especially in a warm, stuffy room.

Yellow crusts on the eyelids, conjunctivitis.

Catarrhal deafness.

Colds with yellow, slimy expectorant. Itchy nose. Ferr. Phos. helps to promote perspiration, breaking the fever.

Gastric catarrh with yellow-coated tongue.

Colic, gas has a sulfurous odor. Itching of the anus.

Yellowish exudate on the skin. Diseased nails.