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Silicea (or Silica) is considered to be complementary to the homeopathic preparation Pulsatilla.

Silica is present in a wide variety of tissues: bile, blood, hair, skin, and nails as well as connective tissue and mucous membranes, even bones.

It is recommended for all cases of pus formation.

An overview of symptoms includes:

Hair loss. Brain fog. Listlessness. Sweat on the head of children.

Styes. Ulcers of the cornea.

Inflammatory swelling in the ear.

Sore nose, small boils around the edge of the nostrils.

Periodontal disorders: gumboils, toothache or ulceration of the tongue.

Tonsillitis, periodically.

Suppressed perspiration of the feet. Brittle nails. Tendency to develop boils, especially during Spring.

If Mag. Phos. fails to clear neuralgia, Silica should be tried.