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Fruit Exchange

Fruit Exchange

The fruit exchange list is one of the six food exchange lists.

Each item on the Fruit Exchange List contains approximately:

10 grams carbohydrate
0 grams protein
0 grams fat
40 calories

Each item equals one Fruit Exchange when used in the amount specified:

Apple1 small
Apple juice1/3 cup
Applesauce (unsw)1/2 cup
Apricot (dried)2 medium
Apricot - raw4 halves
Banana1/2 small
Blackberries1/2 cup
Blueberries1/2 cup
Raspberries1/2 cup
Strawberries3/4 cup
Cherries10 large
Cider1/3 cup
Cranberry juice (sw)1/4 cup
Cranberry juice (unsw)3/4 cup
Fig (dried)1
Fig (raw)1
Grapefruit 1/2
Grapefruit juice1/2 cup
Grape juice1/4 cup
Mango1/2 small
Cantaloupe1/4 small
Honeydew1/8 medium
Watermelon1 cup
Nectarine1 small
Orange1 small
Orange juice1/2 cup
Papaya3/4 cup
Peach1 medium
Pear 1 small
Persimmon1 medium
Pineapple 1/2 cup
Pineapple juice1/3 cup
Plums2 medium
Prune2 medium
Prune juice1/4 cup
Raisin2 tablespoons
Tangerine1 medium

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