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Progesterone is a steroid hormone found in the corpus luteum, and in the placenta during the latter stages of pregnancy. It is also found in other areas of the body in both males and females.

Progesterone causes the uterus to prepare to receive the embryo, it suppresses ovulation and estrus and has many other functions in the body as well.

Progesterone, which can be made synthetically, is used therapeutically in the correction of menstrual cycle abnormalities.

Please see also under oral contraceptive medications.

Newall has compiled a list of hormonally Active Herbs:

Agnus CastusHormonal imbalance disorders
AlfalfaEstrogenic, in vivo
Cohosh, BlackEstrogenic
FucusHyper-/hypothyroidism reported.
GinsengEstrogenic, human
HorseradishMay depress thyroid activity
LicoriceMineralocorticoid activity, human.
estrogenic in vivo, in vitro
Pleurisy RootEstrogenic
Red CloverEstrogenic in vivo
Saw PalmettoEstrogenic and anti-androgenic in vivo,
human use in prostate cancer.
VervainInhibition of gonadotrophic activity
Wild CarrotEstrogenic


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