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Obsessed Customer Service


When it comes to having someone manage the Customer Experience, you want to know you have the most persnickety trail boss ramrodding the operation that involves getting the product in your hands, in the condition and time frame you expect. And if, on the rare occasion, you have a concern you wish to address, you want to know you can speak to an actual human, located in the U.S.,  who can understand you, and "fix it". 

Yep... when it comes to having someone on your side to help you, you want the most cantankerous and ornery curmudgeon you can find. 

 Meet Tamara, our VP/COO, and Director of Customer Service.

Don't let Tamara's appearance fool you... she wears sharp spurs, carries a big stick, and makes sure you are taken care of through every stage of the customer process.

Companies approach their customer service philosophy in a number of ways. Some make it almost impossible to reach them.  Others let you contact them, but give you the runaround.  Still others figure it is best to promise the world, but simply never deliver.  That only works for companies who plan to be out of business in a short time.   

Since 1997, we have performed customer service in a rather simplistic way:

Help you be happy.


We have an equally simple Guarantee:


If you are happy,
we are happy.

(Statement of Guarantee - click here)