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No.40 Healthy Holidays

Applied Health Journal

Applied Health Journal

Topics of Health and Natural Healing
Issue 40
ISSN: 1525-6359

Here we go again - the Holiday Season. Everyone is concerned about having enough money and enough time for all the things we want to do, make, or buy for this special time of year. Typically, the last thing we think about is having enough "health", so we can accomplish our goals and have an enjoyable time doing so. Everywhere we go, we are constantly exposed to a vast onslaught of viruses and bacteria. Yet, this is not the time of year to hibernate (unless we're "bears" - the "four legged" kind, not the "grouchy" kind). How do we avoid colds, stomach viruses, and the dreaded flu? How do we keep everyone healthy so all can enjoy the Holidays?

Often, we corrupt our bodies at this time of year by getting off schedule with our exercise routine (due to time constraints), and forgetting our healthy eating habits. (All those Holiday "goodies" - after all - it's only once a year!) We become overworked, overtired, overstressed, and our bodies pay the price. We get sick.

So what can we do? With this war of germs attacking our immune systems, there are ways we can FIGHT BACK!! Remember to maintain some control over your stress level, if possible. Continue your supplements, limit the "sweets" and white flour, and make sure you have plenty of your "preventative cures" on hand.

The following is my list of "preventative cures" that I depend on. Maybe you will see something that you would want to add to your list.

For Preventing or Limiting the Duration of Stomach Ailments:

Acidophilous, Lactobacillus - the intestinal "friendly" bacteria that works miracles for fighting stomach problems. Take daily for prevention and during the illness for faster recovery.

Plain yogurt filled with "friendly" bacteria - not sweetened or flavored yogurt with added fruit, sugar, or other sweeteners as this will have destroyed the "friendly" bacteria. If you must have it flavored, buy plain yogurt, and add fruit immediately before consuming, while the "friendly" bacteria are still active.

Herb teas - keep plenty on hand and consume frequently for added nutrients. Mint is great for settling the stomach.

Soups - in clear liquid base, not cream or tomato (too heavy and acidic) - homemade is best.

Ginger - either as an herb tea, or grated on salads and in recipes - also a great detoxifier, but best for soothing the stomach.

Ginger Ale - the health food store variety with real ginger is my favorite.

Essential oils - "peppermint" is great for mixing a couple of drops with a "carrier oil" such as olive oil, or fragrance-free body lotion, and rubbing on the stomach for nausea.

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar - start with 1/2 tsp. added to water and increase amount as desired - great detoxifier and for calming digestive disorders. (Avoid frequent use, if you have "Candida".)

For Preventing or Limiting the Duration of Colds, Sinus Problems, and Flu:

Echinacea and Golden Seal Extracts - I always mix a dropper of each in my "Vitamin C" drink. ("Emergen-C" - a concentrated Vitamin C powder - can be purchased at the health food store.) Great when just starting to get that sore throat, sniffles, or achy feeling. Take at least 3 times a day when symptoms first begin. This usually prevents me from getting sick, or at least shortens the duration and lessens the symptoms.

Zinc lozenges - for sore throats and beginnings of colds

Fresh lemon juice - cleansing and a detoxifier, great in water and tea

Biomagnetic therapy - magnets for headaches, neckaches, muscle aches, etc. . .

Now for Garlic - many years ago, a friend of my husband and mine always would chew raw garlic when he was coming down with a cold. Everyone could tell when Charlie was not feeling his best, because he would come into the office reeking of raw garlic.

Nevertheless, Charlie knew what he was doing. He would only smile amid the jeers and taunting, and sure enough, would succeed at fighting away another virus.

Years later when that company sold, Charlie went to work as sales manager for an unknown nutritional garlic company. That company's name? The very successful, now well-known Kyolic Garlic Company.

Yes, Charlie knew what he was doing - chances are no one notices any more when he goes to work chomping on raw garlic. Actually, he probably gets a free supply of Kyolic garlic supplements, and can go the "odorless" way - though, I still think there is a lot to be said about nature's original raw form of garlic.

With all of my remedies, I also follow Kitti's "Remedy Recipe" - very potent and knocks my ailments - aches, sore throat, or burning sinuses within 30 minutes! However, it may be wise to stay away from friends for awhile, due to the odor that accompanies the drink.

Once you have tried the first glass, see how much better you feel. You will find that the fresh, clean taste will grow on you. It truly works!

My "oddest" remedy that I hesitate sharing, because I run the risk of looking like a total lunatic - the "onion" - (my brother hates this one - because it makes my house stink for days - but hey, it keeps the cold and flu germs away.)

Cut a couple of onions in half, and set them on window ledges inside the house. If possible, have a window opened a slight bit to allow fresh air to cleanse the stale, germ filled air. I have no idea why, but for some reason the onion works for my family, though everyone complains.

I even put halved onions in the car, when we are driving a distance, if one of us has a cold. So far, this has always protected us from spreading the cold. It is a good idea to replace the onions every day, until symptoms have passed.

The onion is also great at the beginning of a cold, for that burning sensation in the sinuses - Take a few minutes to rest with the feet elevated, holding one of the cut onions, and frequently inhaling its aroma (while reading a good book, so as not to be too bored.) I have successfully fought many colds this way.

Yes, this is a truly bizarre remedy. I learned about this preventative aid from a distant Wisconsin relative, who hesitated sharing the information with me. In fact, when he told me, he somewhat mumbled under his breath, and shrugged his shoulders when I asked why this worked. He probably was concerned that I would think he was crazy.

Though he basically whispered the information, I did manage to hear him say that the "onion remedy" is how his father and grandfather kept their families healthy during a deadly flu virus of 1918-19, which wiped out many people in their little town.

Evidently, this trick had been passed down through generations of German ancestors. I did not believe him at first, until I tried it. I love it when odd things work, even if I do not have any explanation.

And last - For Mental Stress (such as when I have just explained my "onion" remedy):

Bach's Rescue Remedy - these herbal botanical drops do wonders for calming my anxiety attacks and help me get back to being productive. I shake several drops on my tongue, frequently during the day between meals.

Well, that is the general synopsis of what I keep in my "preventative medicine" cabinet. Maybe some of these ideas will also work for you.

Remember to keep up the daily supplements, and try not to let your regular health routine get far off course. I hope that everyone enjoys the Holiday Season, and begins the brand new Millennium healthy, happy and filled with a positive outlook for the New Year.


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