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No.70 An Herb of Note: Una de Gato

Applied Health Journal

Applied Health Journal

Topics of Health and Natural Healing
Issue 70
ISSN: 1525-6359

I have had wonderful experience with an herb called Una de Gato, or Claw of the Cat, over the last few years. It is one that I use a great deal and get very good results.

This woody vine grows in the Amazon Basin rain forest of Peru. Una de Gato gets its name because of its large, curved thorns (two at the base of each leaf). It is a traditional remedy of the indigenous people and is highly revered as one of their most useful and deeply acting herbs.

Indications for Use

  1. Infections of the intestinal tract and imbalances of intestinal flora
  2. Intestinal antiseptic and helps heal the lining of the gut (Leaky Gut Syndrome)
  3. General detoxification
  4. Stimulates and balances the immune system; can be helpful in chronic viral or bacterial infections
  5. Neurasthenia (agitated depression, confusion, hopelessness, exhaustion)
  6. Inflammatory conditions of the intestinal tract
  7. Skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, etc.)
  8. Allergies and arthritis
  9. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Syndromes

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