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Painful Hip

A couple years ago I had a serious accident while biking. Of the multiple injuries I sustained, the injury to my left hip was the most severe.  I was bedridden and underwent physical therapy for several weeks.  Although eventually I was able to regain my mobility, I was still experiencing some soreness and pain in my hip. About one year after the accident, the pain became more constant and more intense. It was particularly bad upon awakening in the morning. At that point I started using CellRenew.  Miraculously, within 10 days, my pain and immobilization were gone.I took it for a few more weeks and still no pain.

I then ran out of product and didn't think much about it until a week later when the pain and stiffness returned. I got more CellRenew and within a week the pain once again disappeared.  I am certain CellRenew is the only thing that has provided the beneficial effects on my hip.

Mr. R. T.    (more testimonials...)