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Dear Applied Health,

Please send me 4 bottles, of CellRenew.  If you are interested in a testimonial, I will offer one.  I'm 48 years old. I lifted weights off and on for most my adult life. After a few years of laying off the lifting, when I tried to resume, I encountered many joint problems.  My joints made much moise and it hurt to simply rotate my arms at the shoulder.  I continually had joint inflammations. I have taken glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates for 3 years now; Cellrenew accounts for 18 months. I'm back into lifting and do not have the hurt or inflammations any more.  Occassionally, I inflame a muscle, but not my joints! The other day, I leg-pressed, on an inclined press rack, 620 pounds. 

Recovering from a hernia, my bench has been slow, but is rising again, as is my arm strength for curling.  I'm truly enjoying my much improved health and attribute my healthy joints to the type II collagen in CellRenew.  you have a great, natural product. By the way, I ingest 6 capsules per day.

Scott Craven,    Yancy Texas      (more testimonials...)