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Is it Liquid or Capsule?

Customer Writes:

Subject: Collagen II
Do you sell this?  I do not see it in website except for the article published there.  Is it in liquid or capsule form.  I was at a focus group on Collagen II re: Colloral last evening and found this interesting. Please advise.  Thank you.

Bill Responds:

Hello Lois,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Yes, we do sell Collagen Type II.  It is in a capsule form, 500 mg dose, in our product called CellRenew.  Information is available at some of the following links:
http://www.appliedhealth.com/cellrenew.html   - This is a general introduction and information page about collagen type II and CellRenew.
http://www.appliedhealth.com/cellrenew_faq.html - This is the Frequently asked questions page.
http://www.appliedhealth.com/TechOutline_CellRenew.html  -  This is for a bit more technical information,
http://www.appliedhealth.com/order_cellrenew.html  -  This is an order page.

We have been guaranteeing CellRenew for results since 1997... if a customer is not satisfied with the results, they get their money back, period!  No fine print.  This is how confident we are in the results.

We have been supplying this product for the Dr. Ramon Gustilo for his doctors to supply to their patients in Gusilo's clinics for more than 4 years now.  Dr. Gustilo is the inventor of the hip and knee replacement joint, as well as more than 100 other inventions and patents that he owns all dealing with orthopedics.  He is considered the father of modern orthopedic surgery, having also invented a system called the Gustilo System that is taught as standard practice in every medical school in the world as a way of ranking the severity of bone fractures and subsequent standard approaches for repair.  Dr. Gustilo has the confidence in our product to direct his doctors to prescribe it to their patients as a way to postpone eminent surgery for severely damaged joints, as well as often times eliminating the requirement for surgery indefinitely.

I can write a book on the clinical results as well as personal testimonials, but it always comes down to the same simple message; if this product does not *exceed* your expectations, we will stand behind our promise.  We really are that confident.

Thank you again for your interest.  If I can be of any further service, please do not hesitate to contact us.