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No.11 Healthy Thoughts

Applied Health Journal

Applied Health Journal

Topics of Health and Natural Healing
Issue 11
ISSN: 1525-6359

During this Thanksgiving and Holiday season, my thoughts have turned to how truly grateful I am for my health. It has been a long road getting here, with many years of trial and error. Through those years, I have been able to gather lists of information and "cures", which I can readily turn to whenever I need help with a new (or recurring) ailment. The availability of alternative health information has allowed me extensive opportunity for healing on many occasions. Through my years in the medical field, I have also used traditional medicine; however, I have found the least intrusive and most permanent healing comes from natural methods.

At this time of year, stomach ailments become more prevalent due to overeating, minor upsets, and/or severe viral attacks. The following recommendations are those I believe to be most effective for my family and me. The items suggested can usually be found at health food stores:

Enzymes taken with meals help the digestive process, especially after overeating. Also, some people respond well to a capsule of HCL, if they need extra digestive acids. Another suggestion is a teaspoon of 'raw' apple cider vinegar - this contains important nutrients, unlike the more common 'white' vinegar (which robs the body of vitamins, and should only be used as a cleaning product).

For a queasy stomach, 2 - 3 drops of peppermint oil rubbed on the stomach can relieve the symptoms. When purchasing "essential oils" at health food stores, request 'high' quality brands to insure the best results. Ginger is also very beneficial, whether in the form of an herb tea, capsules, or candied ginger. Depending on how severe the stomachache is, I sometimes like to use a therapeutic magnet on the stomach, with or without the peppermint oil. "Nikken" is the name of one company that makes therapeutic magnets.

A daily dose of lactobacillus or acidophilous in capsules or liquid form can help protect against even the strongest of stomach viruses. It is also important to keep antibiotics at a minimum, because they destroy the intestinal flora, or "good" bacteria, in the digestive tract. These good bacteria fight stomach viruses by aiding in the synthesis of B vitamins. Since antibiotics indiscriminately kill most bacteria, it is especially important to replace the good bacteria with supplements.

Some time ago, a friend of mine coined the word "bibliotherapy" meaning "healing (physically, mentally or spiritually) through the reading of books". The majority of the information I have acquired has been obtained through reading books on alternative healing. Reading material, on a wide range of holistic topics, is readily available at health food stores, libraries, and the Internet.

I am very grateful for the many ways I have been inspired, through "bibliotherapy", to heal myself, my family, my friends and others. I believe it is immensely important that we recognize the responsibility we have to ourselves, our families, and yes, even our doctors, to be as informed as possible about alternative healing methods. In doing so, we can allow ourselves choices when we need to make decisions about our health.

I hope these ideas help. Have a safe holiday season.


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