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Drug Name: Avandia

Drug ID: 261

Nutritional Considerations

  • Limit or avoid alcohol.

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  • Caution with high doses of nicotinic acid as it raises glucose levels .

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  • The supplement ipriflavone may increase the blood levels of oral antidiabetic agents. This could cause blood sugar to fall dangerously low. Consult a physician before taking ipriflavone with oral hypoglycemic agents.

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  • These supplements may reduce blood sugar levels and require a dosage adjustment of Avandia: carnitine, chromium, coenzyme Q10 and vanadium.

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  • Potatoes can interfere with blood sugar levels and Avandia dosage may require adjustment.

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Herbal Considerations

  • The bulbs of the common onion plant and common garlic plant, as well as leaves of bilberry and blueberry have significant oral hypoglycemic action. Hypoglycemic medications may require adjustment.

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  • These herbs may reduce blood sugar levels and therefore require an adjustment in the dosage of Avandia: : bitter melon, burdock, dandelion, fenugreek, ginseng, and gymnema.

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NDC Codes

00029315813, 00029315818, 00029315820, 00029315821, 00029315825, 00029315838, 00029315862, 00029315866, 00029315913, 00029315918, 00029315920, 00029315921, 00029315925, 00029315938, 00029315961, 00029315967, 00029316013, 00029316020, 00029316021, 00029316025, 00029316038, 00029316061, 51129162701, 51129162801