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CellRenew Testimonials


Collagen Type II
With Hyaluronic Acid

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The following are a few of our customers comments about CellRenew.

I just wanted to send you this letter to thank you for the dramatic results I have experienced in the first three weeks of taking CellRenew. For the past twenty years, I have been living with severe lower back pain. I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disorder in the L2, L3 and L4 vertebrae. Orthopedists have recommended cortisone injections or surgery - both were unacceptable to me.

CellRenew has improved my quality of life one thousand percent. I am truly grateful to all the people at Applied Health Solutions. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know, personally, and to anyone else who suffers with pain every day. I have also told my orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, and even my chiropractor, who treated me twice a week! Words cannot truly describe the way I feel. Thank you, again and again!!!
G. Lentz
Atlanta, Ga

I have just recovered from Hip Replacement surgery in record time. I credit taking FOUNDATION BLUE GREEN ALGAE and CELLRENEW diligently during my recovery/rehab period for this speedy return to my normal life. Keep up the good work! Sorry to make this letter so short,however, I am late for my morning run. Ta! Ta!
Colette J.
Tucson, Az

Thank you for your wonderful product, CellRenew. I have several success stories to share with you. The first is about my sons who complained of joint pain from years of the abuse their bodies took while participating in sports. Both are now pain-free, and one of them is such a believer, he will not start his day without his CellRenew. My shoulder and hip pain have also disappeared.

Recently, I helped another of my sons' move. I had no aches or pain at the end of each day, although we were moving in July, in Phoenix, AZ. In the past, I would have been sore for days after a move like that. The only differences between past moves and now are the CellRenew and the fact that I am getting older. I am sure getting older is not helping my joints, so it must be the CellRenew.

Thirdly, three months ago, my Mom was told to get an MRI done for an upcoming knee surgery. Then two months ago both she and my dad started taking CellRenew. She now has no more pain, and we are waiting for the new test results to determine the degree of new cartilage she may now have in her knee, so she can avoid the surgery.

And last, but not least, my dog Heidi was having a great deal of trouble moving her hips. I sprinkled CellRenew on her food at night, and she is now up and around, even to the point of being frisky. Thank you again for marketing such a wonderful product!
T. King
Phoenix, AZ

Hello again! I received CellRenew on the 15th of November. I have taken 4 pills a day for 4 days now. I don't know if I have faith in this supplement or if it's really working. I am so confused. I am still experiencing pain, but I feel so much better. It's amazing......My friends say I'm just going through "remission" and repeatedly tell me the pain will come back. I really hope the pain does not come back. I will keep you informed, but for now - I feel good!
Austin, TX

Fourteen months ago, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, osteoarthritis of the spine, and degenerative disc disease. My active life was gone, by all indications, forever. I was in excruciating pain, most of the time. Putting on shoes and stockings, or climbing into bed caused screaming pain. On the x-ray, my spine looked like a rock pile.

I went on company disability, eventually returning to work part time, but had to rest flat on my back with ice packs when I was not working. Enter - CellRenew - and within one month the improvement was incredible.

That was four months ago. Yesterday, I reloaded medium-weight boxes into my storage unit. The day before, on hands and knees, I scrubbed the kitchen floor. The weekend before, I walked the mall briskly for 2-1/2 hours, and then tramped up and down stairs, for another hour, looking at condos with my son. This product speaks for itself.
Mrs. NP
Phoenix, AZ

Hey applied health people. your cellrenew actually works! It has really helped my (joints) in just a few months. I told a couple of friends about it and now they are getting similar benefits already in about 6 weeks or so. thanks
jackie c
dover fl

I'm a retired male who is a golf nut. Unfortunately, due to the pain and swelling of (joints) in my shoulders hands wrists and back I was limited to playing a round(or half round) every 10 days or so and I always paid dearly for several days afterward with increased swelling and pain. Fortunately, a few months ago while browsing the Internet I came across your website and read the information on Cellrenew. It sounded credible but I'm a born skeptic. Still, I decided to give it a try. Well, the results are beyond my wildest expectations. I now play golf 3 or 4 times a week without a problem and the aches and pains I had on a daily basis are pretty much a thing of the past. I believe I could probably play every day if I choose to. As far as I'm concerned, it's miraculous! Thanks for enabling me to enjoy my retirement.
Mr. John M.
Santa Monica, CA

I am a 45 year old woman. I've been using your Cellrenew product for 3 to 4 months for joint soreness in my fingers and wrists, and I must tell you that I am quite impressed with the results as the pain and immobilization have virtually disappeared. However, the main reason I am writing is for a curious and welcome side benefit that I seem to be receiving from your product, namely, thicker and shinier hair as well as new hair growth! My hair stylist is amazed and was the first to point it out to me. Successive appointments seem to confirm this finding even more. Have you had this comment from anyone else?
Denver, CO

I have now been taking this product for 8 months and have had to have my glasses changed twice, for the better! and I am just beginning to detect that my paper thin nails are getting quite a lot stronger. That apart I still notice some aches in my hands at night, but generally I am totally sold. Thanks everyone.
Sally P.
Melbourne , FL


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