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Ride the Rockies

"As to my comments of CellRenew and Foundation... with them, age becomes irrelevant, doesn't it?"

Length of time on the product is what counts.  Measuring results can be quite subjective, but less so for cyclists.  The most profound effect came in the summer of 1998 for me.  The year before I had ridden Ride the Rockies for the first time, sleeping on the ground and feeling it, riding 425 miles in 6 days climbing 26,000 feet.  The second year, 1998, I had started on CellRenew with vigor, having nothing to lose but pain and stiffness.  If it worked for one of my dearest friends, whose body I know he had severely abused since childhood, it should work for me - who waited till later in life to abuse mine.  On my second Ride the Rockies, I had substantial improvement in flexibility, recoverability, getting stronger and stronger each day.  No changes in diet, training, altitude acclimation, or equipment.  The only change was the addition of CellRenew and Foundation.  From that moment on I have been hooked.  

I now celebrate my 10th anniversary, still riding strong with little affects from aging.  For that I am eternally grateful.  Old road warrior cyclists survive by being acutely aware of their surroundings and their condition at all times, a perpetual twilight zone of what I call being "lost in the present".  Over time we know what works, we know what doesn't.  CellRenew and Foundation WORK.  So, keep it coming.  I'm 61 now and have many years and miles ahead of me.  I think next year it's time for another Ride the Rockies.  Hey Bill, care to join me?  My profound thanks for your gift of longevity.  With great appreciation.

Robert B.,  Maryland    (more testimonials...)