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No.5 From the President

Applied Health Journal

Applied Health Journal

Topics of Health and Natural Healing
Issue 5
ISSN: 1525-6359

Bill Evans Welcome to our April '98 edition of the AHS Journal. This month, we will be focusing on the topic of the liver, and the importance it plays in our overall health and well-being. Most of us probably remember how mom used to have us help clean the house for the proverbial Spring-cleaning. We should apply the same attention to our livers and take some steps toward a good liver cleanse for Spring, as well.

Last month I introduced you to Dr. Mark Force, D.C., by giving you some background on how we met, and the importance he has had on my life, and the lives of many people I know. This month he will be contributing a piece on the importance of giving your liver some attention during the change of season.

I am also pleased to introduce you to Dr. Sandra Cabot, M.D., who has contributed an article on the liver and the role it plays in burning fat and general health.

Dr. Cabot is a native of Australia and a well-known media doctor and author of the 6 books including "The Liver Cleansing Diet, Love Your Liver and Live Longer". She began combining drug therapy with naturopathic medicine and nutrition more than 20 years ago to help patients with weight problems, liver dysfunction and hormonal imbalances. Dr. Cabot is sometimes known as the "flying doctor" because she frequently flies her own twin engine plane to many of Australia's rural communities to hold health forums.

I had read her book "The Liver Cleansing Diet" in 1997, and had the opportunity to meet her here in Scottsdale where she has based her U.S. operations. She was speaking at a local venue on the subject of liver health issues, and since we currently sell her book and a product she formulated, I thought it appropriate to listen to her and finally meet her.

After her presentation, and my having the chance to talk with her, I left there with one impression that stands above the rest. Yes, she was extremely knowledgeable in her field. And yes, she was very good at speaking to the masses in laymen's terms so we mere mortals could understand her. And also yes, she was very patient with answering questions at the end. And finally yes, she has this adorable Australian accent. But my strongest impression was that she is a superb testimonial to the lifestyle of which she speaks.

Since my mother raised a gentleman, it would be inappropriate for me to try and guess her age. But I will say she makes a fine example of how taking care of yourself and keeping your liver healthy goes a long way toward the appearance of your body. I could not help but wonder how many people in the audience took notice and thought to themselves, "If I follow the principles she is describing, perhaps I could be trimmer, too."

If you would like more information on the liver and our Liver Cleanse product, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page for Liver Cleanse by clicking here.


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