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1 No.133 Comparison of Natural and Conventional Medicine Bill Evans
2 No.132 Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Fish Oil Tahlea Jankoski
3 No.131 Liquids can Ruin the Best Weight Loss Diet Tamara Jankoski
4 No.130 Reduce the Carbs for Permanent Weight Loss Tamara Jankoski
5 No.129 Eat in Harmony for Permanent Weight Loss Tamara Jankoski
6 No.128 Set-Points are for Weight Loss not Tennis Bill Evans
7 No.127 Good Health is a Horse Race Bill Evans
8 No.126 Urgent Plea From Santa Bill Evans
9 No.125 Choline to Improve Memory Tahlea Jankoski
10 No.124 Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes Chef Rachel
11 No.123 Dieing to Lose Weight Bill Evans
12 No.122 Practically Paleo Pesto Chef Rachel
13 No.121 Alpha Lipoic Acid Bill Evans
14 No.120 Find Your Stubborn Place Bill Evans
15 No.119 My 4 Resolutions for Weight Loss Bill Evans
16 No.118-4 Do Supplements Influence Your Immune System Health Coach
17 No.118-3 Do Hormones Influence Your Immune System Health Coach
18 No.118-2 Does Exercise Influence Your Immune System Health Coach
19 No.118-1 Does Food Influence Your Immune System Health Coach
20 No.118 Healthy for the Holidays Health Coach
21 No.117 Omega Fatty Acids Tahlea Jankoski
22 No.116 Healthy Burger Choices Bill Evans
23 No.115 Run to the Stars, Diane Van Deren Bill Evans
24 No.114 Annual Holiday Health Challenges Bill Evans
25 No.113 Allergy Season - Here We Go Again Tahlea Jankoski
26 No.112 Cholesterol: Simple Ideas to Reduce Your Number Richard Tatalovich
27 No.111 Raw Honey Remedies Tahlea Jankoski
28 No.110 So Long Soda and Cereal - Start the New Year with a New Resolution Tahlea Jankoski
29 No.109 Feeling Stressed? You are definitely not alone Tahlea Jankoski
30 No.108 MRSA Outbreak - Ward Off Pesky SuperBugs Tahlea Jankoski
31 No.107 Natural Health Solutions Review Bill Evans
32 No.106 Do You Know a Pollyanna Nutritionist? Bill Evans
33 No.105 Antioxidants: Do We Need Them? Bill Evans
34 No.104 Fats are Bad, Fats are Good-Who is Right? Bill Evans
35 No.103 China-sourced Raw Material - and why we don't use it Bill Evans
36 No.102 When Pigs Fly Bill Evans
37 No.101 Calcium: Another Perspective - Part 2 Bill Evans
38 No.100 Calcium: Another Perspective - Part 1 Bill Evans
39 No.99 It's About Time Bill Evans
40 No.98 It is a Good Month Bill Evans
41 No.97 Feds and Ephedra Bill Evans
42 No.96 New Beginning Bill Evans
43 No.95 Outwit Arthritis And More James F. Scheer
44 No.94 The Art of Persuading and Endangering Young Consumers, Part 2 Tahlea Jankoski
45 No.93 The Art of Persuading and Endangering Young Consumers Tahlea Jankoski
46 No.92 The Danger of TV Commercials Bill Evans
47 No.91 The Garlic Cure Tamara Jankoski
48 No.90 Fibromyalgia and Diet Kaarginen K, Lammi K, Hypen M, et al.
49 No.89 Enzymes: Nature’s Life Force Dr. John Heinerman
50 No.88 Excerpts: Blue-Green Algae: Immuno-Enhancer Gitte S. Jensen, PhD
51 No.87 Blue-Green Algae: Immuno-Enhancer Tamara Jankoski
52 No.86 Tea Time for Cancer Michael Guthrie, R. Ph.
53 No.85 Folate Deficiency Linked to Parkinson's Joseph Mercola, D.O.
54 No.84 The 'Fountain of Youth' Rediscovered Dr. John Heinerman
55 No.83 Put Spring In Your Step With Hyaluronic Acid Dr. John Heinerman
56 No.82 New Years Message Bill Evans
57 No.81 Algae: It's What's For Dinner Tamara Jankoski
58 No.80 The Best is Worth the Wait Tamara Jankoski
59 No.79 Chia: Ancient Food, Modern Marvel Tamara Jankoski
60 No.78 Proteolytic Enzymes Improve Injury Healing Edmund Burke-Daniel Gastelu
61 No.77 Sucralose Christi G.
62 No.76 Sympathy and Gratitude Tamara Jankoski
63 No.75 Soft Drinks - America's Other Drinking Problem Dr. George J. Georgiou
64 No.74 Book Review - 'Cook Right For Your Type' by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo Tamara Jankoski
65 No.73 The Traditional Approach to Cancer... Is There a Better Way? Dr. Douglas Brodie, M.D.
66 No.72 A Psychological Look at Cancer Dr. Douglas Brodie, M.D.
67 No.71 Immune Strengthening Colostrum Tamara Jankoski
68 No.70 An Herb of Note: Una de Gato Dr. Mark Force
69 No.69 You Are What You Eat, Right? Wrong. Linda Woolven-Ted Snider
70 No.68 The Remarkable Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract Tamara Jankoski
71 No.67 Fluoride: The Subtle Hazard James F. Scheer
72 No.66 Solved: The Riddle of Illness - Your Amazing Thyroid Tamara Jankoski
73 No.65 Hypothyroidism Tamara Jankoski
74 No.64 Arthritis Stephanie Jenkins
75 No.63 Integrated Medicine Dr. Conrad Loreto
76 No.62 The Facts About Fats John Finnegan
77 No.61 Take Care of Yourself This Winter Dr. Mark Force
78 No.60 Chronic Candida Syndrome (CCS), Part 2 Tamara Jankoski
79 No.59 Chronic Candida Syndrome (CCS) Tamara Jankoski
80 No.58 Questions From Customers Tamara Jankoski
81 No.57 Acupuncture: Understanding the Five Organ Networks Dr. Conrad Loreto
82 No.56 The Lasting Solution to Weight-Loss: Part 5 - Psychological Factors Stephanie Jenkins
83 No.55 Chinese Traditional Medicine - Western vs. Eastern Dr. Conrad Loreto
84 No.54 The Lasting Solution to Weight-Loss: Part 4 - Exercise Expertise Stephanie Jenkins
85 No.53 Stressed? Dr. Mark Force
86 No.52 Learning About Stress Tamara Jankoski
87 No.51 Chinese Traditional Medicine Dr. Conrad Loreto
88 No.50 The Lasting Solution to Weight-Loss: Part 3 - Liver and Colon Health Stephanie Jenkins
89 No.49 The Lasting Solution to Weight-Loss: Part 2 Stephanie Jenkins
90 No.48 The Lasting Solution to Weight-Loss: Part 1 Stephanie Jenkins
91 No.47 Anti-Aging Does Not Work Dr. Mark Force
92 No.46 The Reality of Male Menopause Tamara Jankoski
93 No.45 The Measure of a Man: Female Hormones? Dr. Mark Force
94 No.44 Numb Toes and Aching Soles Sandy Griffin
95 No.43 Menopause and Natural Hormone Therapy Stephanie Jenkins
96 No.42 Nutritional Support and Cancer Stephanie Jenkins
97 No.41 A Boy's Thoughts Bill Evans
98 No.40 Healthy Holidays Tamara Jankoski
99 No.39 Questions For Stephanie Stephanie Jenkins
100 No.38 Remedy Recipe Kitti Graham
101 No.37 Book Review:'Eat Your Way To a Healthy Heart' Tamara Jankoski
102 No.36 Teach Your Children Well Stephanie Jenkins
103 No.35 Coenzyme Q10 Tamara Jankoski
104 No.34 Algae in the Diet Bill Evans
105 No.33 Slow Nutritional Suicide Tamara Jankoski
106 No.32 Get Fat! Mark Force, D.C.
107 No.31 More on Enzymes Bill Evans
108 No.30 The Benefits of Herbal Medicine - Part III Tamara Jankoski
109 No.29 The Benefits of Herbal Medicine - Part II Tamara Jankoski
110 No.28 Balance Liver and Gall Bladder for Spring Mark Force, D.C.
111 No.27 The Value of Digestive Enzymes Bill Evans
112 No.26 Are Silica and Herbs a Contradiction Tamara Jankoski
113 No.25 The Benefits of Herbal Medicine - Part I Tamara Jankoski
114 No.24 Silica: An Essential Trace Mineral Bill Evans
115 No.23 Echinacea: Immune System Booster Tamara Jankoski
116 No.22 Are Taste Enhancers (MSG, Nutrasweet) Dangerous Bill Evans
117 No.21 Sleep Deprivation Mark Force, D.C.
118 No.20 Preventative Action Against Cardiovascular Disease Kareyn Talson
119 No.19 Cleansing and Detoxification Kareyn Talson
120 No.18 Responsibility For The Power Within Helen Olsten
121 No.17 Some Thoughts on New Years Resolutions Mark Force, D.C.
122 No.16 Health Goals and the New Year Tamara Jankoski
123 No.15 Avoid the New Year's Weight Loss Blues Kareyn Talson
124 No.14 Holiday Cheer - Improving our Moods Helen Olsten
125 No.13 Mental Attitude and Health Tamara Jankoski
126 No.12 CMO Helps Chronic Pain Bill Evans
127 No.11 Healthy Thoughts Helen Olsten
128 No.10 Throw Away Your Margarine, Long Live Butter Mark Force, D.C.
129 No.9 Welcome Tamara Tamara Jankoski
130 No.8 Happy Thanksgiving Bill Evans
131 No.7 Learn About Your Liver, the Forgotten Organ Sandra Cabot, M.D.
132 No.6 Seasonal Change and the Liver Mark Force, D.C.
133 No.5 From the President Bill Evans
134 No.4 Notes on Hypertension Helen Olsten
135 No.3 Healing Crisis Mark Force, D.C.
136 No.2 Comparison of Natural and Conventional Health Care Administrator
137 No.1 Welcome to Applied Health Journal Bill Evans


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