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Customer Testimonials

Not sore and great hair!

I am a 45 year old woman. I've been using your Cellrenew product for 3 to 4 months for joint soreness in my fingers and wrists, and I must tell you that I am quite impressed with the results as the pain and immobilization have virtually disappeared. However, the main reason I am writing is for a curious and welcome side benefit that I seem to be receiving from your product, namely, thicker and shinier hair as well as new hair growth! My hair stylist is amazed and was the first to point it out to me. Successive appointments seem to confirm this finding even more. Have you had this comment from anyone else? T.J. Denver, CO    (more testimonials...)

Painful Hip

A couple years ago I had a serious accident while biking. Of the multiple injuries I sustained, the injury to my left hip was the most severe.  I was bedridden and underwent physical therapy for several weeks.  Although eventually I was able to regain my mobility, I was still experiencing some soreness and pain in my hip. About one year after the accident, the pain became more constant and more intense. It was particularly bad upon awakening in the morning. At that point I started using CellRenew.  Miraculously, within 10 days, my pain and immobilization were gone.I took it for a few more weeks and still no pain.

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Canceled Knee Surgery

To whom it may concern,

I am delighted to inform you that I have canceled a scheduled knee surgery for joint replacement.  I have every confidence this is in direct relation to the effects of your CellRenew product.  I was introduced to the product by a friend who suggested it might work for the serverity of my symptoms, which were obviously extreme given the impending surgery.  But after taking CellRenew for about 3 weeks, I consulted with my doctor about how much better I felt, and surprisingly, with his support, we canceled the schedule.

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Help, I need more!

I have lost the name and number of the person I was getting Cellrenew from. (I think that was the name) I need to order more. You know, I tried using glucosemine (sp?) from Whole Food after I ran out of your product -- trying to save money. It just didn't give me the results I felt from Cellrenew. Could you please email me the info I need to order more product and any info you might have about specials you run.  Really appreciate your time. I know you are very busy. Thanks a bunch!  

Rosemary    (more testimonials...)



I have now been taking this product for 8 months and have had to have my glasses changed twice, for the better! and I am just beginning to detect that my paper thin nails are getting quite a lot stronger. That apart I still notice some aches in my hands at night, but generally I am totally sold. Thanks everyone. Sally P. Melbourne, FL    (more testimonials...)

Even For Dogs

Thank you for your wonderful product, CellRenew. I have several success stories to share with you.

The first is about my sons who complained of joint pain from years of the abuse their bodies took while participating in sports. Both are now pain-free, and one of them is such a believer, he will not start his day without his CellRenew. My shoulder and hip pain have also disappeared. Recently, I helped another of my sons' move. I had no aches or pain at the end of each day, although we were moving in July, in Phoenix, AZ. In the past, I would have been sore for days after a move like that. The only differences between past moves and now are the CellRenew and the fact that I am getting older. I am sure getting older is not helping my joints, so it must be the CellRenew.

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About CellRenew

To whom it may concern,

I have been taking CellRenew since April 1997 and feel it is time to tell you what it has done for me and to thank you for making such a fine product.

For many years I suffered from arthritic inflammation in my hips and knees, plus much pain with swelling and immobility of my fingers.  After taking CellRenew for about 8 weeks, I noticed great improvement in the way I moved around, plus the pain was gone in my fingers and I could use them as I used to.

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Collagen type II really works

I just received CellRenew in the mail on the 15th of November.  I've been taking 4 capsules, as indicated w/ orange juice.  It's unbelievable, but I'm starting to feel better already.  My friends tell me I'm going through remission and that the pain will come back. I still experience pain, but not as bad as before taking CellRenew.  My question is as follows: I am 5'2" and weigh 105 lbs.  Do I need to take all 4 capsules at once or can I take a less amount?

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