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You Asked for It

The "You Asked for It..."  section is to share customer inquiries that are either often heard, or of a unique nature, such that other customers may find value in our responses.

Do I still take GS and CS

Do I still need glucosamin and chondroitin sulfate?


Carb Blocker and Grapefruit

First, on the carb blocker, how soon before you eat can you take it, or should you always take it with your first bite of food? How long does the product last?


50mg Is Trivial

 You are correct that 50mg of collagen is not very much. In fact, it is so
trivial that they are obviously only adding it to the formula so that they
can have a better story to tell, but not risk making the product too


Are you Standardized?

I'm looking at this product and I would like to know your standards for standardization. Is the content of each capsule standardized like pharmaceutical grade products or am I taking a chance on batch mixtures?


Lover Back Problems

First of all, let me say, I got a kick out of your description of your "lover back" problem.  When I first read that, I thought: Well, heck... I can help this guy... just go slower!  :-)   But then I read further and figured you were referring to your "lower" back.


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