Too Hot for Enzymes

Journal Edition No.135 [Applied Health Journal, Library of Congress registry, ISSN: 1525-6359]

Download PDF version to PrintSo, the time has come for our annual announcement, prompted by the regional weather update…

It's Getting Hot!!Various parts of the country are challenged by their own versions of Nature’s wrath; the Midwest has their tornadoes; Gulf States and Southeast have their hurricanes; the Great Lakes region has blizzards in the Winter, stifling humidity and blood-sucking mosquitoes in the Summer; West coast has earthquakes, wild fires, floods, and the ravages of Paris Hilton; and, of course, the Northeast seems to get their own fair share of natural disasters, including their version of blood-sucking parasites that descend on D.C., calling themselves politicians.

Here in the deserts of the Southwest, our challenges emerge as the sun gets high in the sky, right around this time each year. In the, so-called, Valley of the Sun (Phoenix/Scottsdale/Mesa/Tempe, etc.), where our “endearing” slogan is “30 Miles from Water, 2 Feet from Hell”, we actually run an annual lottery to guess when the first day will come that the mercury will tip 100 degrees. It looks like that is likely to occur tomorrow, April 21st. (No, I did not win.)

As a result, it is, once again, time to stop shipping products on Fridays and Saturdays. Here’s why…

All supplement products have some sensitivity to temperature, especially, any product that has live enzymes in it, such as, Liver Cleanse or Foundation, and obviously, PowerZyme.

Enzymes are sensitive little creatures, susceptible to having their feelings hurt quite easily. Maybe they weren’t hugged enough as children, I don’t know… But whatever the reason, we take numerous steps to ensure they are cared for while in our custody.

We don’t expose them to bright light (especially sunlight) or oxygen; oxidation will speed their death. We protect them from harsh language and loud noises, which means heavy metal and rap music are out. We also don’t want to bore them to death, so Muzak (elevator music) is avoided, as well.

And, since anything above 112 degrees will begin a slow death to just about any living creature – including enzymes – we choose not to risk having them sit in the back of a closed truck over the weekend in which the temperatures will easily exceed 160-180 degrees.

For this reason, shipments will occur from Monday through Thursday, until further notice… or our Hell freezes over, whichever occurs first.

Orders will still be able to be submitted 24/7, but please be aware and understand why orders submitted on Thursday or Friday will be held until Monday. Orders submitted on Saturdays and Sundays will go out Monday, as usual.

Thank you for your patience during these next few months…
Err… these next Several months…
uhm… Make that, these next immensely long, baked, dry, crackling, weary, dog-days of Summer months.

Let me take this opportunity to remind everyone to be considerate of sun exposure for the little ones.

I just heard this morning more news about research suggesting how a common ingredient in many sunscreens is actually thought to increase the risk of skin cancer. It’s called retinol palmitate (also called “retinyl palmitate”), a synthetic form of vitamin A.

I seem to recall hearing this same information back in the Summer of 2010, so I have to investigate more to see if this is anything new.

I remember when I first heard about it, I thought it made sense that your skin could be even more sensitive to sunlight by rubbing this on. Once retinyl palmitate is absorbed into the skin, it eventually converts to retinoic acid, an active form of vitamin A found in Retin-A.

If you have ever known anyone who was prescribed Retin-A for their skin for some reason (such as acne), you might remember that one of the strongest warnings they give for its use is to avoid direct sun exposure.

If I learn anything other than old news about this, I will post more details.

As an oh-by-the-way, our personal “Sun Protection Consultant”, Oahu Lou, taught us about the benefits of invisible zinc oxide a couple years ago. We have this in the form of the sunscreen called SunSmart, which is currently our preferred choice… retinol palmitate not included.

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